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About Us

Founded by Jon Sinn, is a site dedicated to teaching men all around how to get the results with women that they want by teaching them the tools and techniques that lead to getting laid.   My goal with this site is to provide a content-rich resource that is designed to help you achieve any goals you may have as they relate to success with women.

Whether you want to get a great girlfriend, five girlfriends that you sleep with on a regular basis, a one night stand every night or anything in between, the easiest way to get to this goal is learn how to easily get sexual with the girls you’re attracted to.

As far as by background goes, I’ve been teaching dating and seduction for over six years.  In that time, I’ve transformed the lives of literally thousands of guys all over the world through over 160 in-person live trainings and dozens of other online training programs.

Take a lot of pride in the fact that I practice in my own life everything I teach.  I’m out there every day, actually talking to girls and innovating new concepts (the best of which you’ll find right on this website).

Everything you’re going to learn from me is stuff that has been proven to work both by me and by my students.  In fact, I was recently named the #1 Pick-Up Artist in the world by the leading publication TSB Magazine for the second year in a row.

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