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Why The Annihilation Method is wrong

Why The Annihilation Method is wrong

The Annihilation Method was a terrible DVD set by Neil Strauss of The Game. The title alone brings up images of some sort of horrible war, which I can only assume Neil Strauss meant to declare on single women in nightclubs.

The DVDs follow Strauss as he takes 5 guys through his method. His method basically being a watered down version of Mystery Method, mixed with a little bit dime store mind reading and Strauss’ own insecure philosophies on life.

Here are the basic problems with The Annihilation Method.

  1. There is a minimal focus on overall life change. In order to get better with women, you need to improve your inner psychology or “inner game”, your skillset meaning the actual tactics and techniques for approaching, escalating etc, and your lifestyle meaning the way you live. On The Annihilation Method, Neil gives the guys a stupid acronym (The L.A.S V.E.G.A.S system) and then has his weirdo hippie buddies come in to try to hypnotize them into confidence and that’s the only inner psychology stuff they get. Nothing on sexual anxiety or social anxiety(which are the 2 biggest inner problems guy have). Just L.a.s V.e.g.a.s and hypnosis. Neither or which is a long-term strategy for dealing with their inner psychology.
  2. There is no focus AFTER attraction. Attraction is important, but it is NOT the be all and end all when it comes to getting women in bed. In fact it’s important to just think of attraction as a key that allows you access to all the cool stuff that actually ends up getting you laid. Stuff like Sexual Framing, Unleashing a Girl’s Sexual Side and most importantly Non-Verbal Seduction.
  3. The Annihilation Method is A-sexual. Besides a little 2 minute section going for a kiss, there is NOTHING on sexual escalation. There is nothing in The Annihilation Method about touching women to arouse them, there’s nothing about talking to them about sex to get them turned on, there’s not even anything about how to get women back to your house so you can have sex with them!! The Annihilation Method is focused on teaching guys things like how to start a conversation, and how to tease, but it’s not actually focused on teaching guys how to get laid. What is taught in The Annihilation Method is something I have been complaining about for years, I call it “ Validation” based game. It’s based on getting a girl or group of girls to accept you and validate you, but not necessarily sleep with you.

Look, if you want to get better at getting beautiful women into your bed, you don’t need The Annihilation Method, you do need to focus on improving yourself specifically your issues with social and sexual anxiety, learning the techniques that actually lead to sex(hint they come AFTER attraction) and then learning how to express your sexuality.

That’s the road to Seduction, not Annihilation.

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