how to get laid and how to seduce women

First Impressions mean everything.

First Impressions mean absolutely everything to women, the way in which you walk into a room, the way you carry yourself and the first thing you say to her are all things they will watch. They are just a few of the very many factors you will be measured upon. If you pass the test then you will be moving on with your relationship quickly, but if you don’t then it will not last long at all.

You need to be prepared for your first impression and there are certain things that you can do to achieve these goals. The clothes you wear, the way you smell and how clean your shoes are will all be judged. If you can pass these three tests then you will be able to begin the process of making a good impression, if you don’t manage that then don’t even bother.

See these are the first three things you will be judged upon when you see the girl of your dreams, and if you are not prepared you won’t manage to get past the first drink. Once you get past the first phase everything becomes easier, you are able to initiate conversation quite easily and the choice of drink you buy will also be judged.

Order something light and something unique don’t go for beer initially and if you do make sure it is a light beer. Miller light or bud light is fine but essentially you should order Corona. It says a lot about you and gives you a kind of tropical feel. Ordering something from a foreign land is intriguing, but make it something the bar will definitely have otherwise you will come across arrogant.

If you have to explain where you saw the drink you are asking for, the story will smack of arrogance so keep it short. Ordering a spirit on the rocks will be the coolest thing, it gives off the impression you know what you want but you are uncomplicated man, this is attractive to most women. They like confidence but uncomplicated confidence, not a lot of strings and no women swarming around.

Most importantly of all the conversation is pivotal in a first impression. Talk about something light and entertaining not something that is going to make her think too hard. Keep the conversation about her and you at times, but don’t let on too much just keep things simple.

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