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How To Attract A Woman With Cold Reading

Cold reading is a great tool that can really help you in how to attract a woman.  It’s an amazing technique that builds comfort, gets them to show up for your dates and get them talking and thinking sex.  It takes a little time to perfect this skill, but it’s well worth it because it will make you much better at attracting women.

This is a technique used by illusionists, mentalists and psychics.  They use it to find out details about another person, and use these details to tell that person about themselves.  The idea is to convince the person that you know more about them than they do.  This part of it is the key to what makes it effective.

How does this help when you’re learning how to attract women?  The idea is to convince her that you know her better than she knows herself.  For example, although her conscious mind is telling her to put on the brakes, you’ve got her convinced that you know what a sexual animal she is inside.  Actually, this is true about most women.

Society tells women that they shouldn’t be sexual.  A woman who is sexual is a whore or a slut.  But women have sexual needs and desires just as men do; in fact, as they get older, they have much more!  So, cold reading is a way to unleash this sexual side and get her comfortable with it.

Cold reading should be used with warm reading.  Warm reading means using the things you already know about that girl, whereas cold readings are basically educated guesses.  When you get a girl reeling with a cold reading, absolutely blown away that you guessed something about her she never tells anyone, then you want to follow it up with a warm reading.  This ties it down and convinces her without a doubt that you have some kind of ESP.

Although, it should be noted that you’re not trying to convince her that you’re a psychic.  You’re trying to convince her that you’re really perceptive and you know people well.  She should fully trust your uncanny sense that detects her inner thoughts and feelings; then she’s in the palm of your hand.

Here are some good cold readings:

“I bet that if somebody you work with asked you what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done, you would hold back.”

“I bet people see a really different side of you when they get to know you.”

“I think you have a dark side, but you don’t like to let it show.”

These are obvious things to you, but to her it will sound like you’re reading her mind.  The idea in how to attract a woman with cold reading is to escalate it from innocent personality things to sexual things throughout the course of the night.  This is a proven technique that really works in picking up women.

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