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How To Attract Girls With Your Touch

Do you know how to attract girls with body language? It’s not all about eye contact or a confident, relaxed pose.  Probably about a third of the whole game is knowing how to touch them in just the right ways to successfully set the stage for sex.

First of all, you want to touch her as early as possible.  This is something you should do on your opener.  If you’ve got a group of girls, give a few of them some light touch.  You don’t have to go through and systematically touch each one; just make sure you’re not only touching one girl.

It’s also important always to touch them from the front or sides.  In other words, never touch a girl from behind.  There’s no surer way to completely freak a girl out than be sneaking up on her and touching her back or shoulder.  Freaking her out isn’t getting her any closer into bed with you.

Don’t be mistaken by the use of the word “touching.”  There’s nothing sexual about it (not at first).  All touching should be playful and fun.  These are things like giving her a soft push, bumping her a little bit, flicking her with your finger, touching her on the arm; these are all things that you might do with a female friend or sister.

The eventual goal is for the touching to become more flirtatious and sexual later on.  That’s what this light touching is all about.  It makes her comfortable physically with you, and we can then use this to escalate it to better things.  If you’re good at timing this escalation, you can really make touching work for you.  It can even be most of what gets her into bed with you.

If it’s too flirtatious and sexual at the beginning, she’ll just think it’s too much.  Then, you’re like a dog jumping all over her and there’s nothing attractive about that.  At this stage in the seduction, everything you do should you as relaxed, friendly, comfortable and confident.  Don’t let any desperation, neediness or awkwardness show.

If all goes well and you keep a steady stream of playful touching going between you, it will be completely natural when the moment comes where you take her hand in yours or put your arm around her shoulder.  This is the whole aim of touching – how to attract girls and make the physical things happen naturally.

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