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How To Attract Women – 3 Different Types Of Attraction

Do you know how to attract women?  Most of us have some things that work well for us.  But even those of us who are pretty good players probably don’t realize why certain techniques work and others don’t.  To make it easier to understand, let’s break up attraction into its three distinct types.

Value-Based Attraction

This means that the guy has cool things that give him value in the eyes of the ladies before seduction even begins.  A nice car, lots of money, interesting stories, connections with cool people, and so on.  Although many seduction gurus stress this as a way to build attraction, it doesn’t necessarily create sexual attraction.

Emotional Attraction

Emotional attraction is the type when a girl really emotionally connects with you.  Maybe you’ve told a funny story and you’ve got her laughing; or maybe you’re telling her some personal thing and it’s really grabbing her emotions.  This is a great way to attract women because women are much more intuitive and emotionally driven than men.

The key to emotion is that it moves.  It’s great to build emotional attraction when you want to move her along to the next step.  At key moments when you’re trying to get her to leave with you or moving in for the first kiss, this is when emotional attraction really comes in handy.

But there’s one downside to this type – it’s fleeting.  Emotions come and go, and we all know that some people have quicker emotions than others.  This is why it’s great for some situations but not so great for others.

Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction bypasses the conscious mind completely.  This type of attraction works in the body and unconscious to cause arousal.  We often don’t even know that it’s happening.

If you want to pick up women, it is sexual attraction that you should be focusing on.  This is the lasting type of attraction that’s going to create the arousal and tension needed to get her into bed.  This type of attraction speaks directly to the primitive part of the brain, while the value-based and emotional types go through the conscious mind.

Since the conscious mind is where we find obstacles, it’s much better to go straight to the source – attract her sexually.  When considering how to attract women, there are many styles and methods, but what you should be focusing on is communicating with her on that purely sexual level.

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