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How to Get a Girl in Bed Using Routines

I get a lot of questions about how to get a girl in bed using routines.

In this article, I aim to answer as many of these questions as I have time for.

First let’s talk about what routines are. Routines are set scripts or themes that you go over in order to get a specific reaction from a woman you’re attracted to.

A routine is anything you’re doing over and over and over again because you know it works to get a specific reaction. One of the things about routines is they need to get reactions. If a girl is not reacting to your routines they’re not working. It doesn’t mean the routine is bad, it means you’re doing something wrong.

So routines have been around for basically ever, depending on how you define a routine. But I define a routine as anything that you do over, and over and over, because it gets good results with women. By this definition a lot of naturals use routines, you know, they tell the same stories over and over. A lot of people in  socializing have “routines”. So why are routines good, why are they important, why are they things we should use?

Well, I definitely don’t advocate only using routines. You can’t just use routines and you can’t just socialize strictly in routines, and hope that you can have, kind of, a routine stack to get over every problem. A routine stack can be good to kind of give you some ideas for conversation early on, but later on you want to develop skills.

But routines are important in the learning how to get girls into bed process because, number one because they give you things to talk about. A lot of guys in the beginning have problems coming up with things to say, so once you learn a routine that gives you at least 30, 60, 90 seconds of material that you can go out and recite and you can keep a conversation going. So that’s the first benefit.

Routines are also good because they get a specific reaction.  If a routine works, it gets the same reaction over and over and over again. Now that reaction could be that you – she asks you a question, it could be that she laughs, it could be that she giggles and touches you. The reaction doesn’t matter as much as it allows you to know what’s coming next and move things forward. If you want to know how to get a girl into bed, you have to push things forward.

Routines are also important because they act to create way points. A way point is a set point in the interaction where you know something has to happen to move forward. Openers are a good example of a way points so that’s one place where you always want to have a routine, another example is how you go for a kiss or get a phone number. In these situations a routine can literally be the difference between succeeding or not at learning how  to get a girl in bed .

In fact if you just knew where all the waypoints are in the 4 step seduction process you would be 90% more successful at the whole how to get a girl into bed thing.

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