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How To Get Girls In Bed With Sexual Frames

No, sexual frames have nothing to do with home furnishings, but they’re essential for how to get girls in bed.  Sexual frames are things that you say to the girl to get her into the right state of mind as you gradually escalate things toward sex.  To make it successful, you use the you-her-us model.  This means that, once you start talking to the girl you want, there are only three topics for the rest of the night – you, her and us.

You’re going to spend the rest of the evening talking about yourself, talking about her and talking about the two of you.  Topics are going to be things you have in common, fun things or future situations.

One type of sexual frame is the “grounding story.”  This is a story about how you became who you are, and it gives her an idea of your basic personality while also hinting about how you’ll act in the future.  Another great topic for sexual frames is what kind of people you like.

For her, you’re going to use frames in complimenting her and telling her the type of person she is.  For example, she’s independent.  This implies that she makes her own decisions about sex, which means she can have sex with you.  She goes after what she wants, she’s sexually aggressive, she doesn’t mess around when she’s attracted to someone.

It doesn’t matter if any of it is true or not.  The idea is to shape how she behaves and work on building momentum.  You build up these frames, starting with light, playful things and working your way to more intimate, sexual statements.  Through frames, you begin exploring her sexuality while you’re still talking at the club.

Finally, there’s the topic of “us.”  This is where you establish for her that the two of you are going to be great together – not that you “might” or “can,” but that you “will!”  You’ve successfully framed yourself and her; now it’s just time to put the two together.

Although the statements you’re making aren’t based on fact necessarily, as you get better at framing, you’ll learn how to be more authentic about it.  You’ll become more like the person you’re framing yourself to be.  You’ll learn how to effectively detect real things about her personality that you can use, and because they’re true, they’ll make the framing work better.

Sexual framers are essential if you want to know how to get girls into bed.  Tell her what she wants to hear, and you’ll have her when and where you want her.

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