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How To Get Laid By Using Sexual Teasing

I’m Jon Sinn and today I’m going to teach you how to get laid, by teasing women sexually.

Sexualized teasing is a form of teasing where you make fun of the girl, but make the joke about sex.

The great thing about sexual teasing, is it allows you to use humor to soften the blow of sexuality. A girl can’t get offended at something if it’s a joke. If it’s obvious that you’re not sexually judging her, but you’re just teasing her, and joking around with her. But my making your jokes about sex, you get the agenda of sex on the table early, and when you go back to discussing it later, it’s going to be a much more easy to digest subject than it would have been if you hadn’t started by making a joke about.

So don’t be afraid to throw these sexualized teases out really early in the interaction. One of my favorite things is if I’m talking to a girl at a bar or a club, is I’ll accidentally spill a little bit of my drink on her, just a little bit on her hand, and then she’ll say something like—Oh, you spilled your drink on me, or I’m all wet. Or something like that. Or if she doesn’t say, I’m all wet, and she just says—You spilled your drink on me. I’m like—Oh, yeah, I’m sorry I got you all wet. I have that effect on girls.

I have that effect on girls is a great example of a sexualized tease, so I might say something like—Oh, my God, you’re blushing, don’t worry I have that effect on girls. The whole idea is that you’re demonstrating that she sexually wants you or that she’s sexually interested, or that she sexually couldn’t handle you. Those are the frames for sexualized teasing.

So I’ll give you guys a couple of specific lines. My favorite sexualized tease of all time is: Whoever your last boyfriend was, clearly he did not spank you enough. Or—I don’t know who your last boyfriend was but he did not spank you enough

Another one, is I’ll make fun of the girl for having kind of lame, milk-toast type sex I’ll say something like—Oh, my God, you’re totally the Missionary position, lights off, girl. You’re totally the sex only on anniversaries and special occasions girl. You’re totally like no sex except on the weekends girl. You’re totally like the leave her clothes on while she’s having sex girl.

Hopefully you can see how to get laid by using sexual teasing and where I’m going with these. By bringing sex up in a funny way I get the subject on the table and begin to make her comfortable talking about it.

And as the old adage goes, if you can get a woman talking to you about sex you can get her thinking about sex with you.

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