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Sexual Qualifiers – How To Get Women With This Simple Technique

One method for how to get women to that sexual level is to use sexual qualifiers.  You can use them to give her reasons why you like her, to give her a statement of intent compliment, to build momentum and to give things that finally push toward sex.

The basic concept is ridiculously simple – You get her to tell you the reasons why you should like her.  Then, you reward her for that by complimenting her.  This is all there is to it.

You can’t start using sexual qualifiers until there’s already a little bit of momentum.  There has to be sexual tension first, and if possible, actual contact like making out.  It’s clear at this point that the two of you are very sexually attracted and thing are moving in that direction.

These are going to be overtly sexual questions.  For example, ask her where on her body she likes to be kissed.  Then, you reward her for saying that buy kissing her there.  What you’ve done is qualified what she likes sexually.  A great technique for building further sexual tension is to then push her away, saying “That’s all you get for now.”

Gradually, she’s going to become more comfortable and sexually validated.  After a while, you won’t be asking her questions anymore.  She’ll be taking the lead because she wants the rewards!

Here is another example.  You ask her what she likes in bed, and she tells you she likes it rough.  No matter what you actually think about it, tell her that that’s hot.  Get into it and start describing a little of it – hair pulling, sweating, her getting held down.  Then, release it by saying, “Oh, we better stop or I’m going to need a cold shower!”

By both of these examples, you can see that it’s all about her.  This is one of the secrets to seduction that most guys don’t understand.  It has to be all about her.  You are getting her to sexually qualify herself, and this moves things straight into the bedroom.

Ask her about her turn-ons, the freakiest thing she ever did, the wildest place she ever had sex, her fantasies and anything else that you can.  Then, follow up with a reward and a release to build tension.  This is a proven technique on how to get women sexually comfortable by validating their feelings about sex.  From there, you can escalate it to the actual act.

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