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How To Get Women In Bed – 3 Tools For Discovering Her Sexual Side

One really important thing in how to get women in bed is to get them to reveal their sexual sides.  This is the hidden treasure map that’s going to tell you exactly what buttons to push to have her naked in bed waiting for you.  There are three tools for doing this – cold reads, sexual qualifiers and sexual talk.

Cold Reads

Cold reading is when a psychic on TV says to a person, “I’m sensing that someone here has lost someone lately, someone very close to them?”  Then, somebody in the audience invariably stands up, amazed at the psychic’s extraordinary abilities, and say, “I have!!”

We all know that psychic is a sham, but this is a really important pick-up technique as well.  The idea is to convince her that you know much more about her than even SHE does.  You convince her that you know her better, and then you start telling her in subtle ways that she wants to have sex with you.  For example, she’s bold and adventurous, and thinks for herself (meaning she doesn’t let society’s ideas get in the way when she wants something).

Sexual Qualifiers

Sexual qualifiers are used to show why you like her, to give her compliments, to create momentum and move things forward toward sex.  The idea is that, through qualifying, you get her to tell you reasons why you should like her, and then you reward her for those things.

You can’t start this until you’ve already got some momentum going.  The attraction is going strong and there’s already been some making out maybe.  You use this technique to get her to say things about her sexual abilities, and this gets her ready for the bedroom.

Sexual Talk

Honestly, guys just aren’t as good at this as women.  You need to be able to talk about sexual experiences, fantasies, turn ons and turn offs.  If you get her talking about her past sexual experiences and thing that could have been better, there’s valuable information right there that you can use in the bedroom with her.  Dirty talk is important, as well as statements of sexual intent – if you can come right out and say it, you’ll be able to more easily make it happen.

Guys who are clueless on how to get women in bed often just don’t know how to access this hidden treasure trove that every woman has.  Use these three tools to get her sexual side out in the open, and she’ll be comfortable with everything that happens from there out.

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