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How To Get Women Into Bed With Stories

This article is about how to get women into bed by telling them stories, but it’s not about lying.  The stories you should tell are part of a technique called “sexual framing,” where you talk to a woman about yourself, her and the two of you together, in order to influence her thinking, shape her behavior and eventually get her into bed.  Stories are an effective way to do this, and there are a couple of different types.

Grounding Stories

Grounding stories are ones that give her a little bit of background about you.  They paint you in a light that’s favorable, showing that you’re confident, non-judgmental and sexually comfortable.  They should be anecdotes about growing up, funny stories about your flaws and quirks; they give her a basic understanding of who you are.

Metaphor Stories

Metaphor stories give you a way to talk about something heavy and serious without making it seem like it is.  Great ideas here are stories about a friend or something that happened to you that made you change your ways.  Life lessons make great metaphor stories.  These are so effective because they give her a huge idea of who you are, but they’re dressed up as just little, harmless stories of everyday life.

Sexual Stories

Finally, there are sexual stories.  These are ones that you’re going to tell later when your sexual framing has progressed to the point where they’d be appropriate.  Again, they can be about other people, but the whole point of them is to build a level of sexual comfort with her.  Once she’s comfortable with talking sex with you, you don’t have much further to go until you’re in the bedroom.

For your sexual framing stories, you’re going to want to rehearse them beforehand.  These aren’t spur of the moment things, but through practice telling them, they’ll get better.  Come up with a few stories that you can use when the time is right, and keep them in mind when you go out to meet girls.  Slip them into the conversation so that they’re natural and they seem spontaneous.

Sexual framing is really important in how to get women in bed.  It moves the conversation along step by step from innocent and light hearted, to steamy and R-rated.  Once you’ve gotten there, it’s very easy to simply take the next step and get intimate.  Use stories along with body language and other sexual framing device, and she’ll be ready to go when you are.

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