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How To Pick Up Girls: Two Key Secrets

When it comes to learning how to pick up girls, there are two key secrets that most guys NEVER figure out.

If you’re like most guys, when you meet a woman you’re attracted to, you probably drool, stare and maybe if you can scrounge up the courage to go talk to her, you tell her she’s pretty and ask her some lame questions.

Now despite the fact that this tactic has seldom if ever worked for you, most guys will keep doing the same thing over and over again. Kind of like the clinical definition of insanity.

But not you, because today I’m going to teach you two key secrets that are going to teach you how to pick up girls much more effectively.

The Two Secrets are reverse gender stereotyping and pushbacks.

1) Reverse gender stereotypes. Reverse gender stereotypes are statements where you take a well-known stereotype that men have about women, or that women have about men, and you flip them on the side. You flip the scripts, so to speak. This is interesting because it allows you to get sexual really quickly and it also allows you to use humor and to also start getting rid of objections to sex. For example I might tell a girl we’re not having sex tonight early in a conversation because I’m on my period.

2) The next one is labeling and push backs. Giving girls anti-social labels, giving girls things to push back against, builds sexual attraction, because by giving her something to push back against you’re building sexual tension and getting the girl to qualify herself. For example early on I may say “ I can already tell you are way too much of a nice girl for me.” And then watch as she starts to tell me about all the wild and crazy things she’s actually done.

If you can start implementing the pushback and the reverse gender stereotype into your conversations, you’ll start having a lot more success and begin to really understand how to pick up girls.

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