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How to Sleep With Women By Using “Verbal” Escalation

Today I’m bringing you the scoop on How To Sleep With Women Using Verbal Escalation.

We’re going to define verbal escalation as slowly getting the girl aroused by talking to her.

When it comes to verbal arousal, we want to build slowly.

Each of these techniques will build upon each other. I kind of think of it as clearing of the bases. You will want to use things like statements of intent, barriers, dirty talk, to build upon each other. You’ll want to get her to accept everything really smoothly, and physically you’ll want to do the same thing. It’s really important that everything works smoothly with a minimal amount of push-back on her part. The more she’s pushing back, the more she’s not accepting these things. The more she’s saying, slow down—slow down, the worse you’re doing. So we want to slip these things in as much as possible, and the earlier we start the better.

So when it comes to verbal arousal, when are you going to start? Well you want to start once you’ve gotten some signs of attraction. Now that doesn’t mean you’ll want to start dirty talking her, or telling her what you want to do to her right after you have signs of attraction, but it does mean that you can start to slip in things to arouse her. You can start to talk about things that you know turn women on, like spanking, hair pulling, being dominated, being put in their place. Those sorts of
things can start to be slipped very early on, once you know that a girl is attracted to you.

Then you’ll want to progressively build up, like I said, you don’t want to just jump from being very safe to being very dirty. You want everything to build smoothly. Once a girl starts to accept some of this stuff then you can move up the ladder so to speak to more effective and arousing techniques. Eventually leading to dirty talk and commands, and kind of sexual talk which happens during foreplay and sex—so let’s look at some of the techniques here because

I want to give you an understanding of when to use some of these things and also what they are and also understand that these are not all of the techniques in the world, and they are not a complete list, it’s just a pretty basic, little 3-part ladder, of some stuff you can do right now to start building arousal.

So the first thing is statements of intent. Statements of intent are one of the best tactical tools we have. A statement of intent is pretty much basically what it sounds like. You are basically going to give her an idea of what you intend for the interaction, so if you are thinking about kissing her, if you’re thinking about trying to get in her pants, if you are attracted to her, if you think she’s hot, if you think she’s sexy. These are what statements of intent are. A great thing to do with statements of intent is to attach them onto the back of compliments. So, for example, I might say something like: You know, you are a really fun girl to talk to, and I mean that even though I’m totally trying to get in your pants.

Next we have barriers—and barriers are another great tool for getting women turned on. Now barriers are things you’re going to use a little later. Like I would not use a barrier with girl until I’d already made out with her. So once you’ve been making out with a girl, and you’re in public or maybe your roommates are there, maybe you live at home with your mom, your parents are there—whatever, there is a reason why you can’t go any further. You are at the bar or wherever you are. Barriers are basically a more intense statement of intent with a reason why it can’t happen.

And lastly we have dirty talk. There are a few keys to dirty talk. Number one is dominance, you need to kind of clearly know that you are in control, so if you are telling her you’re going to do stuff to her that’s good or you’re telling her she’s going to do stuff to you, being dominant with the dirty talk is really important. The other thing is you’ll want to lower your voice, whispering dirty talk is very, very powerful. You don’t want to have a lot of distance between the two of you.

Hopefully now you see how useful of a tool dirty talk can be in learning how to sleep with women. It can spice up your interactions with women to make sure they end up in your bedroom and not the dreaded “Friend Zone.”

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