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How To Talk To Girls – Tell Her What She Wants To Hear

We all know that complimenting is important if you want to know how to talk to girls.  Women need to hear nice things said about them.  It has a kind of magical power over them, especially when you hit the nail on the head and choose just the right thing to compliment her on.

What most people don’t realize is that complimenting is a device used in a technique called “sexual framing.”  Sexual framing means making statements and telling stories to a girl about you, her and the two of you.  By doing this, you gradually move things along and escalate them toward sex.

The key to complimenting effectively is to say something about her that flatters her, but also tells her how we want her to ac.  The compliment should fit the sexual frame you plan to set.  Everybody wants to hear said what they believe about themselves.  If you make a statement about her based on a hunch or intuition that you have, she will love accepting that compliment and we want to escalate this.

Compliments are really effective if you use them as momentum for escalating – and then you back off from this escalation.  Think of your compliment as a statement of intent.  You’re going to use them to state clearly a romantic or sexual intent, and it can be bold.

For example: “I can’t help hitting on you.  I find you sexy and I want to get into your pants.  I want you to make out with me.”  This is the kind of stuff you should use.

Then, right before she has a chance to react, you release that tension by saying something unrelated that takes her by surprise like, “but I don’t know, you seem like such a dork.”

This is a kind of push-pull, and the point is to stop her before she can react.  If she hears you say, “I want to get into your pants,” she’s going to think about it and it’s probably that she’s going to be turned off.  If, on the other hand, you come out with something surprising, funny or playful right afterwards, it takes her mind off of it.  Then, she has accepted your intent.

Try this the next time you’re out talking to a girl.  When you’re working on your skills in how to talk to girls, this is one trick that will really work.  Get it into your routine and see how effective it is.

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