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How To Talk To Women Dirty – Practicing Your Sex Talk

Here is an exercise that will really help in how to talk to women.  Sex talk is really important for escalating things and moving things along.  If you’re not comfortable with it or not good at it, it will turn her off.  Your sex talk needs to be comfortable for you.  Here is a simple exercise that works to get you talking dirty and seductively.

Dirty talk is all about sexual statements of intent.  “I want to bend you over right now,” and things like that.  You have to come up with your own ideas for your sex talk.  Think of things that show a girl how you feel, and let your inner horndog out.  But, don’t get ideas for porn.  The dirty talk you hear there is lame.

For this exercise, get yourself aroused and record yourself saying some sexual statements and dirty talk.  There are two reasons why you should do this.  First, it will make you comfortable with it.  Second, it’s really important to have good sexy voice when using it.

Switching to different voices has a psychological effect.  When you shift into your nasty voice, it will affect her psychological state.  For example, you can get away with using really dirty words for female anatomy (or male anatomy) if you know how to use the right voice.  If your voice isn’t trained for it, you just sound like a pervert or a creep.

Record yourself talking in a sexy and dirty voice, and let yourself go for a couple of minutes.  Then, play it back.  Does it sound like it could get a girl’s panties off?  It probably won’t at first, so give it another go.  Work on learning how to control your voice to make it sound sexier.

It will definitely sound weird or silly to you the first time you hear it.  It may also cause fits of uncontrollable laughter.  It’s pretty strange to hear your own voice saying dirty things in a low, sultry voice.  But don’t be ashamed; try it out and work on it.  After you’ve re-recorded a few times, you’ll find yourself much more comfortable.  You’ll also start to see a real change in how your voice sounds.

Keep repeating this until you’ve got something that you can imagine a girl being into.  Make it a habit of slipping in and out of this voice so that you can use it the next time you’re out.  Having the right sexy voice is a major part of how to talk to women in dirty ways.

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