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Sexual Storytelling – One of the Best Pick up Artist Techniques

Want to know one of the best pick up artist techniques that really works quickly and easily?  It’s all about sexual storytelling.  Telling a story full of sexual innuendo shows that you’re confident about your sexuality.  You’re letting her know that you like to get down.

The key to success with sexual storytelling is to keep on working on your stories and perfecting them.  The more weird and outrageous the better, but you’ve got to start small.  Guys get great reaction from sexual stories. And even the average guy could learn this pick up artist techniques.

But there are some types of sexual stories you should avoid.  Don’t tell her a story about how great you are in bed.  Don’t talk about how you gave a girl 10 orgasms in one night.  That will make you look insecure and desperate.

Another bad one is the story about one time you got laid.  Any story about how you met a chick at the club and get down with her that night is going to be a big turn-off, so skip it.

The story has to be so interesting that, aside from its sexual content, it would still be a good story.  In other words, the sex is a side plot, not the main plot.  It also shouldn’t be graphic, shouldn’t be about STDs and shouldn’t be about pregnancy.  Also, nothing that puts down a girl you donked and nothing about ugly or stupid girls.

Good sexual stories include stories where you rejected a girl’s sexual advances.  For example, a girl shows up at your place at 4 in the morning with friends and wakes you up.  You grab the comforters and head for the couch saying, “Have fun.”

Stories that happen to friends are also good.  Be sure to give the friend’s name, or else she’ll automatically think it’s you.

A good story like this is to tell one about your female friend.  She picks up a guy at the bar and takes him home (means: you’re not judgmental about sexually active females).  The next morning, the guy says he’s so glad to finally have a girlfriend, but she’s like, “What?” and then kicks him out.

Another good one is an embarrassing story.  For example, tell her about a friend finding your old videos of you and your ex having sex, and having a party watching them!  This gets her to sympathize with you, and also makes talking about sex more comfortable.  Be funny with it and you’ll also show her your sense of humor.

Funny stories always go over well.  Funny stories are much better than graphic stories.  Then, the humor is the main thing and not the sex.

Sexual storytelling is one of the most effective pick up artist techniques.  Start with a few simple stories and, after you’ve told them a while and seen reactions, you can make improvements until they’re totally unique. If you really want to finally get the girl, better learn these pick up artist techniques.

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