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How to Pick Up Beautiful Women – Anti Social Labeling

Anti-social labeling is one of my favorite techniques in how to pick up beautiful women.  It works like a charm.  The idea is to give her an unflattering identity for her to push back against.  Why would you want to do that?  There are three great advantages that make this technique so useful:

1)    It establishes an authority frame.

2)    It raises your social status.

3)    It gets her to sexually qualify herself.

You can come up with your own anti-social labels, but remember that they shouldn’t be actually insulting.  For example, don’t call her a loser.  She’s just going to think you’re a jerk.  Go for something that’s a little bit negative but not completely an insult.  Here are three I like to use.


Telling her that you can tell how shy she is the number one anti-social labeling technique in how to pick up beautiful women.  She’s not really used to getting hit on by guys that much.  Tell her you can see that it’s tough for her to come out of her shell.  She must be a really reserved person.

What happens next is that she’s going to tell you that she’s not shy, she’s really outgoing. In fact, she’s wild and crazy.  She opens up when she’s in the right mood.

She’s just given you a wealth of information that you can use.  She also qualified herself, telling you what she thinks about herself, and feeling a certain kind of challenge to prove it to you.


Calling her a prude is great partly because it establishes some intimacy.  This second anti-social labeling technique in how to pick up beautiful women is a good introduction to steering the conversation in a sexual direction.  Tell her you can tell she’s really cool but a little bit of a prude.  Maybe she has issues with intimacy or had a bad time with her last boyfriend.

She will come back at you in a second.  She’ll be spilling the beans, telling you everything about how she sees herself sexually.


A playette is a girl player.  You turn tables on her and tell her you can tell she’s chatting up every guy in the bar and getting numbers left and right.  She’s a guy collector and loves to leave them hanging, but she never sleeps with even one.

She’ll deny it violently, and this will also trigger sexual attraction.  It gives your social status a boost because she thinks you know things about her.  It takes social status in order to label someone.

Anti-social labeling is a great technique on how to pick up beautiful women.  All guys who are good at seduction employ it in one way or another.

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