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The Importance of Pick Up Lines to Get Girls

Before learning the actual openers and pick up lines to get girls, it is also beneficial to know their importance. Openers and pick up lines to get girls are things that you can go out and do today or tonight that will get you into conversations with women.

Pick up lines to get girls is important because it does two separate things, the first thing it does, it lets the girl know that you’re interested in her in a man-woman way. Pick up lines to get girls are great because they cut through a lot of the bullshit. You don’t have to worry about going through all of these different stages, in pretending to be uninterested and then being won over, instead you’re interested and you’re confidently displaying that you’re the type of guy who is totally okay to meet girls and that she’s attractive and that you’re expecting her to be attracted to you.

One of the things that determines whether pick up lines to get girls are going to work or not is your overall level of confidence and belief in yourself. If you walk over and you run a direct opener and you don’t think that you can actually get the girl, you’re going to have a lot of problems. You have to walk over with 100% certainty that this girl would be interested in you just because you’re you. You’ll also then have to deal with flinch because the girls are going to test you to see if that’s actually true. If you actually are as confident as you’re pretending to be. So you have to smile and act like everything is completely normal even when they’re giving you shit after a pick line to get girls.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure that you keep eye contact as you approach, especially if they’re testing you. If they’re giving you congruence test, so they’re like, “You say this to all the girls.” Which is another thing that can happen with direct openers; then you have to be prepared for that and you have to be able to handle that. We’ll talk about handling congruence test further on down, but the big main thing there is: don’t disagree, and make it funny. So the girl’s like, “Yeah, you do this to every girl;” I’ll be like, “Yeah, you’re the first one of the night but I’m sure, you know, I’ll get to 20 or 30 in here.” Or like, “Yeah, I do but I really mean it with you.” That was a very good pick up lines to get girls.

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