how to get laid and how to seduce women

Seduction Guide To The Ten Tools For Attracting Women

How do the pros do it?  Picking up women isn’t about spontaneity; it’s about making use of ten secret tools that only a few of us know.  Here is a seduction guide to these ten tools and how they work.

Reverse Gender Stereotypes. Flip the script on what men and women think.  If you reverse a common sexual stereotype and throw a little humor into it, you can get sexual much more quickly.  This helps to get rid of her objections to sex.

Labeling And Pushing Back. Give her some negative label to push back against and this will create sexual attraction.  It raises your social status and also makes her qualify herself – “I’m not that way, I’m THIS way.”

Bait. When you throw bait out there that confuses a girl because it’s ambiguous, it makes her start questioning things.  When she has to re-interpret things, it’s more than likely that sex is going to be a big part of that new meaning.

Movement. You can sexualize any interaction with the right type of movements.  You can touch her in a sexual way, isolate the two of you, get her out of the bar, build compliance with her, and make her feel like she’s known you forever.

Escalating Role Plays. You can use a ladder of escalating role plays that starts with being friendly and playful, becomes sexual and fun, and eventually gets you all the way where you want to go.

Sexualized Storytelling. You can show your sexual confidence by showing it off with stories; but don’t say anything that’s going to creep her out, make her feel weird or make you seem needy.

Statements Of Intent. You can tell her exactly what you want to do in such a way that it will arouse her and trigger her sexual side.  This is a great way to get her anticipating sex.

Relationship Ladders. Here is another ladder where you climb up rung by rung through consistency and commitment.

Sexualized Teasing. This is one of the best ways of attracting women because you can diffuse tense situations with it.  It also creates sexual tension, which helps to get her aroused.

Sexualized Touching. This tool is number one.  By touching her in the right ways, you get her comfortable with your and already complying with what you want to do.

If you know how to use these tools effectively, you can get any woman to do exactly what you want her to.  All of them work on a subconscious level.  Use this seduction guide to formulate a game plan when you go out to the club.

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