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Stylelife is a Joke: Here’s How To Actually Get Girls

When it comes to teaching men to meet women, Stylelife is a joke, and here’s why.

Stylelife is a company started and run in the most hands off way possible by Neil Strauss. Or as you may know him that weasely little guy who write The Game.

So why is Stylelife so pathetic?

First off they are still teaching information from 6 years ago. That’s right dear reader, The Game by Neil Strauss came out in 2005. Yet if you go to Stylelife’s blog a mere month ago, they are still talking about things they taught 6 years ago like the 80s Music opener.

Are you kidding me?

That’s like a doctor trying to operate on you with medical technology from 2005. I think I’ll pass.

Secondly they still teach a very rigid and dogmatic structure for meeting women. They believe in weirdly named phases(A3 anyone?) that sound like moves in a Battleship game. It’s 2011, and it’s time for everyone who teaches men to meet women(like myself) to acknowledge that there is no 1 size fits all way to meet, attract, and seduce women. The way you approach a 32 year old in a coffee shop is different from how you approach a 23 year old at a nightclub and Stylelife still refuses to acknowledge that making what they teach dated, and laughable.

And the last problem with what they teach at Stylelife is that it is completely a-sexual. They recommend techniques like telling a woman “ It’s too bad I’m gay or you’d be totally my type.” Or instead of asking a woman out on a date they’ll invite her to “tag along” to come shopping. At some point you have to start demonstrating some interest and making the interaction SEXUAL! Women are designed by evolution to be sexually receptive, not sexually aggressive. This means at some point you need to start showing her that you’re interested in her as a MAN is interested in a woman.

The best way to do this, is through the use of a statement of intent. A statement of intent exists to let the girl know you are interested in her sexually.

For example saying “ Your lips are turning me on” is a simple statement of intent you can use after you’ve gotten a woman attracted, that will make sure that you move things towards the bedroom, and that there are no mistakes about your intentions.

Maybe one day Stylelife will join the 21st century, but until then, they’re just fun to laugh at.

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