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You Can’t Learn To Pickup Girls From The Game -By Neil Strauss

In the book The Game by Neil Strauss, Neil attempts to give guys some insight into how to meet, attract and seduce women. In reality all he does is come off like a post pubescent teenager bragging about his ugly girl sexual conquests.

My name is Jon Sinn, and unfortunately I knew Neil Strauss.

I first met Neil back in 2004 at the famous Project Hollywood mansion. Which was really more like an oversized and under-cleaned frat house for 30 somethings. This was before The Game by Neil Strauss had come out, but something rubbed me wrong about the guy. He was rude, and seemed like he was always insulting someone and then pretending it was a joke.

By the time the book came out I was already one of the lead instructors for The Mystery Method Company and was traveling all around the world teaching bootcamps with Mystery. When I read the book, I was amazed at how little actual information was in there that could actually help guys. Instead The Game By Neil Strauss reads like it could have alternatively been titled “ Neil Strauss is cool, and everyone else sucks.”

But that’s not even the worst part, the worst part is that people believe they can get better with girls by reading  The Game by Neil Strauss, and they’re DEAD wrong.

The reason is all the stuff Neil teaches in the game, things like mind-reading demonstrations and wearing wigs and fake scars and all that weird stuff is part of something I call “Validation” based game. It aims to get you liked, not necessarily laid.

Instead, if you want to get better with women, you need to focus on what I like to refer to as “The Get Laid” skillset. These are the actual skills you need to learn and master in order to actually get more naked girls into your bed!

The Getting Laid skillset refers to things like learning to bring up sex in a conversation, learning how to touch a woman to get her turned on, learning how to frame yourself as the PERFECT sex partner for a girl, how to tease a girl sexually and much much more.

In summary, reading The Game by Neil Strauss will keep you entertained, you’ll be amazed at how insecure Neil comes off( my favorite part is when he tries to insinuate he’s only been out of middle school for 10 years) and you’ll probably enjoy the read.

What it won’t do is help you actually get laid.

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