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Tips To Attract Women – The Double Bind Technique

Here are some tips to attract women using the double bind technique.  This is used when you’re getting a girl into your shaping her behavior by getting her to accept your sexual frames.  A double bind is where you ask a question or make a statement, and no matter how the person answers, they have to accept the sexual frame you’re setting.

An example of a double bind would be when a girl asks you “Are you a player?”  Either way that you answer, you’re accepting her frame.  If you say that you are, you’re telling her that you’re a cool, suave player that’s trying to impress you.  If you say that you’re not, what you’re actually saying is that you’re a nice guy and you’re not like those guys.

Double binds are incredibly powerful because they get girls to qualify any sort of image that you want to put on them.

Here is an example of a double frame that is highly effective.  You simply ask a girl if she’s just a typical party girl.  Use whatever city you’re in to make it sound worse – for example, a San Diego party girl, a Chicago party girl, an Omaha party girl.

If she says yes, you tell her that it’s cool to hear that because you’re a big partier too.  You love to go out and make the scene, hang out in clubs like this, and live large; and you hate girls who like to sit around at home at night because they’re boring.

If she says no, you tell her that you don’t really like to party that much either and you’re just out with some friends tonight.  Tell her you aren’t compatible with party girls, and that you prefer laid back girls who like to stay home and watch DVDs just like you.

Either way that she answers, you get her to qualify the way you want her to, and then you can start building frames.  Your frames will use this angle to gradually escalate things until you’ve got her in the palm of your hand.

Sexual frames are very effective in getting girls in bed.  It’s one of the tips to attract women that not a lot of guys are well-versed in.  If you practice this technique a little bit you’ll master it quickly, and it will work wonders for you.  Think on your own and create some of your own double binds; then, try them out and see which ones work.

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