how to get laid and how to seduce women

When you croak will you gloat.

The best way at looking at dating is to ask yourself would you look back and be proud at what you achieved. Will you be proud of taking up the threesome when you had the opportunity, and deciding to take a chance as opposed to being safe in a situation?

Did you have the stuff to go up and talk to that girl at the bar, rather than just sit with your friends and watching the night go by. If you take a chance then at least you can say you had a go, you may end up with egg on your face form time to time but if you don’t give it a go you don’t know. There are few times in life when staying away from danger is the best thing to do.

Stare life right in the face and throw all you have at it, if you manage to do that then you can look back and be proud at the end of your days. A chance meeting with a famous movie star and you need to look it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Try and chat her up because really what do you have to lose.

You don’t see her everyday so surely it is important that you are able to express yourself in the way you would dream of doing. The confrontation is the stuff of dreams so do as you dream and talk to her in a way she would not expect.

Sleep with women of different ethnicities, life isn’t complete without a little sample of everything god’s work has to offer. Asian women, Black women, Caucasian women and Hispanic women are all worth sampling before you die. Just try it you will always have the memories and it is something to be proud of taking a chance.

A good motto to live by is to not knock something unless you’ve tried it, and if you don’t take a chance you never will have tried it. So all I’m saying is live life to the full stare it down and you will be able to say yeah I did that, I did this and your memories go with you to the grave.

Life is about what you do, not what you could have done. Remember that and take each day as it comes and experience each emotion with open arms. Do this and you’ve got a chance.

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