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  1. Mr. Slick Says:

    Very bold statement indeed, I’ve been a follower of both Niel Strauss’ and Mystery’s teachings. I’ve read both the “Mystery Method”, and “The Game”; but Sinn seems to be making alot of sense out of what he explains.

    I’m good at openinn and starting conversations with women, but the Sexual content isn’t there from the get go. So I definetly look forward to seeing the next Video.

  2. Mr. White Says:

    I think you are definitely on track here. Very interesting. I have focused on picking up 19-25 year old strippers and breaking through their barriers can be very hard indeed. It is very cool though to make a girl, who really is there to make money, just sit and chat with you for 5 hours without getting anything. And then going on a date with her a few days later. On the other hand, I now realise that all this chatting and attraction building might be overdoing things. And it definitely doesn’t lead to the results one would hope. I am definitely going to change my game after this. Btw, I am 45, overweight and have gray hair ;-)

  3. Laze Says:

    This is bad ass material…!

    This is what guys aim for. It’s short and easy learning.

    Thank you…

  4. Kenny Says:

    Wow, this is good! It’s all about honesty and delivering it in a funny way to make them laugh and at the same time making them feel attraction for you.

    Oh, and that girl is CUTE!

  5. Marine Says:

    Oh, that’s good…

  6. Hernán Says:

    jugler sais something similar, i agree

  7. riccardo Says:

    really like it man. sound. looks like you can use it from the very start of conversation.


  8. Zynacon Says:

    Great stuff! Can’t wait for the next video.

  9. openminded Says:

    similar to Gunwitch’s point of view. Difference is GSW teaches not to verbalize your intent, but to convey it subconciously. this somehow creates more tension. YOu on the hand teaches us to verbally state our intent (though indirectly/ in the tounge n cheek fashion). Never the less, I wonder which is more effective in what context.

  10. Rick Says:

    I do not drink or go to bars, so where is a good place to meet women?

  11. gregory Says:

    Video doesn’t play on blackberry

  12. Rus Says:

    great stuff!! I love the fact that you can be open about your intentions. I can’t wait for the next video

  13. Math Says:

    This stuff is gold. Thank you Sinn! Can’t wait for the next video..

  14. Aaron Says:


  15. Jim Says:

    No PDF summary like the last video? :)

  16. samson Says:

    I love this video is great stuff,this the kind of staff we require cheers mate.I will waiting for next one.

  17. Alan Says:

    Great I see where you are coming from and it makes a lot of sense.
    Keep up the good work, and thanks for the help.


  18. Farida Says:

    ge8 stuff!!! its like the end from the beginning. Telling her the final destination and allowing her to tag along!!!! gre8 info !!!!

  19. Bobby Rio Says:

    Really great video Jon…. Love that fact that guys can watch your delivery of the material… i think that makes a real difference

    By the way, thanks for the great interview we did yesterday, as usual, you delivered some real nuggets

    Enjoy your weekend


  20. Angelo Says:

    Cool stuff man!

    As a variation on a theme, I like phrasing your commitment thing in a way that raises your value and makes her have to work for you. E.g. “I’m so gonna have to hit on you, even though I really don’t feel like it” This conveys a bit of mystery (mystery raises dopamine levels!) and gives her the frame that she’ll have to work some to get you! And of course, it also preps her for the actually hitting on her! Any thoughts, Jon?

    Also, maybe it’d be cool to give us some tips on how to best get into a convo like this. The opening (opinion/direct/etc?) and the isolation would be much easier if you have a step by step plan akin to this one ;)

    Great work as always, cheers from Hollandia!

  21. Bobby Says:

    Interesting ideas.

  22. Joe Goode Says:

    Put up the pdf summary. Thanks.

  23. keaorider Says:

    I can relate to Mr. White (2) being 49 and not into the club scene. However, I do go to salsa/bachata classes where there are always more women then men and have found my self short on conversations with women. Its easy for me to open them, but now with the escalation ladder method your describing makes it easy to insert my intent. I’m glad you are sharing subliminal lines to the girl it reminds me of a website I was going to study at to use this for picking up girls. It seems your method is along the mark I am looking for though, keep it up. I am soo interested in the next video

  24. Dean Says:

    It all makes sense so far. Guess the other advantage to this technique is that she can burn you off quicker if she really isn’t interested. This is however relevant to my interests.

  25. Jerry Says:

    I liked your second video, I am working on a relationship thru email and phone calls with a woman in another state, and yesterday after watching your first video, I brought up sex with her but I used your future thing with her, and to my amazement she got more open with me and I felt we became closer in our relationship. thanks Jerry

  26. dzine Says:

    i hadnt seen Sinn in so long..
    great to see that you are still representing! great stuff as always..

  27. ov Says:

    I like this stuff. And a great complement for to keep it brief. The way you do it, without blahblah

  28. Pedro Says:

    Great video.
    I’m really new at this.
    My main question as to do with how should we approach a woman we never saw before that doesn’t know us. in a train or metro or something like that.
    Maybe one of the videos could be about that, I believe you call it openers or something…


  29. phil Says:

    I didn’t realize you could tell a girl you want to get in her pants without pissing them off. looking foward to next video

  30. Mike R Says:

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN that was the shit its great because it make you sound like every thing is from the heart and that’s whats great. No girl doesn’t want a guy who’s just there to throw all the sexual tension on her right away YOU SOFTEN THE BLOW Sinn right? Keep on leveling up Sinn

  31. Commacho Says:

    This is good stuff! I’ve seen other stuff from pickup artists online and this by far is easier to grasp and put into use in the field.

  32. bermude Says:

    thats the easiest, quickest way to make a transition in a conversation with any girl..I love it..keep up the good work…I have a question, do you any tips on how to be funny and cocky without coming out as an ass? ThNanks again 4 the videos man…

  33. UberWard Says:

    I just finished video 2. I got a date with a girl tonight who is out of my league. She has already shown intrest so hopefully if I try your techniques I can seal the deal. Wish I coulda watched video three before tonight but maybe I can use it for next time. Any way I will let you know what happened either way.

  34. Joe Says:

    pdf summary please since I am deaf.

  35. Eric Says:

    Nice vid Jon! Its helped alot by allowing me to see the steps in action especially with a hot chick. Good work, cant wait to see the next ones!

  36. Poncho Gonzales Says:

    Dude..that totally makes sense and it is really genuine instead of stifled.

  37. BlackTrax Says:

    This is GOOOLD! I’m definitely going to try this later on

    and WOW. That girl’s gorgeous man

  38. Dave Says:

    I accidently used the technique you talk about in this video 3 weeks ago. Funny how I didn’t even know about it but it worked like magic. I’m 59 years old and now I’m having sex with a smoking hot 34 year old I met in a bar.

  39. khb478 Says:

    no wonder i get stuck in the friend zone every time!
    Thanks sinn

  40. Harry Says:

    This is very solid.

    Unconsciously I’ved used this time and again.

    After a Helter Skelter date, then taking the gal down to a quiet , romantic bar, and push\pull, including future sexual scenarios….. gauging reaction to each future sugestion.

    When this far along in the seduction , success has always been 100% (in my case)

    Not always that night,,,and sometimes better to string it along a little longer. I had one gal who I did this to, who I didnt bed that first intense night, and she apologised to me on the next date for not sleeping with me on the first date !

    Good advice-technique,,,take it, use it,,,and you will be in bed with the gal!

  41. rem Says:

    hey i sopke with a lady today who was flriting by light touching which was nice i need help expressing my felings in a sexual way i got one or two ladies who intrest me but i need to know how to attarct them in a light way that is not offending or spark atttarction in her to take notice of me mr rem

  42. Dan Says:

    This is great stuff but I think it will make more sense if you demonstrate great “openers” first when you encounter the lady in the beginning. Then show us a smooth transition from there into this material you have in video 2. Because the conversations you have with the lady in video 2 does get pretty serious and more aggressive (in a light-hearted way though which i love!) but there should be a step before that that I think you are missing. To me, it’ll make more sense once we have answers to great ways to start up a conversation with a lady stranger that will build to this material in video 2.

  43. Jared Says:

    Great stuff Jon! I have been using commitment ladders and they do work great! The only thing that has made me fumble or tripped me up is how to respond to her comments. For instance when I use the “When we have sex..” line, sometimes I get, in a playful manner, the “Who says we are gonna have sex?” I have been using cock/funny answers to this or just giving her a look like “we both know we are” but results are inconsistent. Note I only really go for SNL’s. How should you respond?

  44. RCM Says:

    aaaamazing. Wait you don’t do the third step until you bounce or get a day two?

  45. Lallaalalaaalalalal Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks, the girl in the video is the same as the girl on the picture on top of the side?

  46. Gabe Says:

    Great. Fantastic. Absolutely Awesome stuff. Its elegance is in its simplicity

  47. Christopher Says:

    Great stuff!!!!!! You seem to have figured out the psychological sexual roadmap to the woman’s mind….but will it help the disabled(not seriously disabled)get laid more????

  48. Deeee Says:

    Even if you speak in terms of the future what do you do when the woman puts her current situation in the way of future plans????????

  49. janis Says:


    sounds great.. but still even this can’t work for girls that are 8+..

    they have bitch child and you crash before you build a relations ship ladder..

    like the mystery methode this works with girls that are 6/7,5 here in the Netherlands..

    the bitch child is easy the brake , but i would like to see more about approach girls.. day/night/2,3,4,5sets/club/street/sitting in a bus/or driving you car(should you stop? or …..)

    and the big problem i have is.. the girls they wanna have a relationship with you..and i don’t know how to say it the best way to a girl, that i only wanna have sex.. i feel some gild about it..
    just wanna be fuckbuddy’s no more no less..

    ps.should say if some one is new in the game, he shouldn’t tray the things out where he normally goes to, like a club. go to places where you don’t be a lot there. because if you get blow off then it doesn’t matter/hurt so much. you will not see that girl for some time.. so you can play the game more.. if not you will see the girl next week and you are affraid to make a new game.. you stop playing..

    groetjes uit nederland


  50. Chris Says:

    I was in a conversation with a girl at a club, mutual attraction, and she used this “relationship ladder” on ME. She was like, “We’re totally besties.” Which made it much more comfortable for both of us when we started dancing later on, because it got really hot and heavy.

    I lost her because I didn’t pick up on this cue. Wish I’da consciously realized what it was she was doing! Now I do. Thanks, Sinn, will use!

    This is a big motif that Mystery, Sinn, AND Strauss do — is to just use girls’ “techniques” against them. For instance, having fun photos cuz you always see chicks laughing about some dumb photo. So have some of your own in your phone. Making them buy you drinks. Etc. I wonder if there could be more on this?

  51. DJ Says:

    This is great stuff, thanks for posting it!

    I’m 42 and still learning something new about women all the time. There was sooooo much I didn’t know while I was married for nearly two decades.

    Since the divorce, rediscovering women and learning to understand them has been a welcome process. I’m usually sleeping with them the 2nd or 3rd time we get together, but maybe after watching your videos it will happen the first time we meet. I’m sleeping with 2 and scheduled to meet 3 more…I’m such a slut. And kinda loving it.

    Thanks again and I look forward to video #3.

  52. Ben Says:

    John, you always put out the best advice and information in the community, can’t thank you enough. And how you explain it is just so easy.

  53. G Says:

    interesting stuff…it seems kind of bar/club focused…

    I don’t see someone talking about ‘getting in her pants’ at a more formal event.

    How about something for those of us who don’t go to bars n clubs….

    maybe the 25 and up crowd?


  54. Jimmy Says:

    QUESTION: Is the relationship ladder something that would be used mostly during the initial phase of meeting? Sinn, It seems like this is your natural personality, to be playful, and funny, but what other kind of interactions are you having? When does it get serious? Or to ask another way, At some point it moves beyond this relationship ladder to something else, correct?

    To me the hardest part is just being relaxed, comfortable with yourself while being light and humorous, also knowing exactly when to say these things. I would need a course in being light and humorous. Doing this all while not flinching is definitely important and I agree, but to get to that point one has to be really comfortable in their skin and surroundings. Are you always like this? Were you always like this?

    Additionally, that funny, humorous attitude can be perceived as “gayish” by some more “thug” “tough guy” types.. curious what you think.

    From watching this video, one would get the impression that this is all thats happening, yet this takes up a few minutes of space.. what about the rest of the time?

  55. Daniel Says:

    Jon, I must recognize you made a god job. Bully for you, pal! I know that one of the most important parts for doing sexual attraction is making “kino” for being a sexual man, so women love to be touched. And in fact, there’s a concept in the Venusian Arts called “Calibration”, and you-know-who mentioned it, so you suggested we should do “kino” pretty smoothely in order to have the girl feel so comfortable. Thus, brother, please teach us how to do it and tell us if doing “kino” like you do requires by doing “calibration”. Or better yet, teach us the right way of doing “calibration”. Thanks so much.

  56. Jack Says:

    Man. This is the coolest video I’ve seen to date. You demonstrate that a guy should get straight to the point and not waist time (hers and yours).

  57. Alex Says:

    hey jon ive been subscribing to your news letters for a while now and i have to say your the guy who gets it the most. you always make the most sense out of all the other PUA out there. i havent been able to keep up though, so i would just like to ask a question. this new system seems to work the best for me sinse wome already see me as a more sexual guy than most yet im just a normal guy. but i just cant seem to keep up with all the information be cause of work, school, ect. is there a way i can this complete system as either instutional videos or tapes and then try to aply this new system in the real world. for the past few months ive been useing some of david deangilos methods witch to say are do get the job done. they just either seem to take to long or dont work quite as well. Im getting tired of the same results and want to move onto the next level in seduction. thanks for your help and could you please get back to me when ever you get the chance.

  58. Jon Says:

    Man thank you for putting out those so simple ideas and theories, and the live example. That’s truth right here. Pure gold.

    Thank you.

  59. Vision Says:

    Great job John another VALUE loaded presentation.
    It nice to see you actually on Video doing a interactive presentation, it is much easier to conceptualized what is actually happening when you are running your material.
    I’m looking forward to your next presentation.
    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  60. Thiago Says:

    Hi Sin

    I really love your stuff. I have been analysing the Mystery method for a while and it definetly doesnt work here in Brazil. The venues doesn’t follow the patterns you have in US. And those value thing doens’t help at all. Futhermore i have met some girls since i discovered the comunity but i stil haven’t got any consistent resulve. The greates problem was always escalation. The first kiss is the mosti dificult thing. I can’t even imagine the sex yet. Thats why i m very interessted in this SRM.

    I do have some questions. I know you mihgt not be able do answer all questions but i would like you to considere what i am about to say. I dont know how do aplly this techiniques in normal situations. How can i make it became natural for me?

    I think you shoul create a webstite or a place with links or videos of examples of this things happening in the real world. I mean, in a not controlled enviromental. It does not need to be you, i can be your students or maybe someone who filme an interaction and posted it. It would be really helpfull to see this kind of things.

    Thank you. Looking foward the next videos.

  61. victor Says:

    wow man this is some good stuff! waiting fo the next one! i subscribed to ur page just in time to watch the first video! you rock men!

  62. rick Says:

    loved it!! girls should get more involved with sex.. or interested in it.

  63. Jon Says:

    I really like your style. With the truth out there during the conversation, it makes things so much more relaxed. Thanks!

  64. Nick the Virgin Says:

    Hi thank you very much for the video. I’m a 23 year old virgin who never actually went for it, mostly because I’ve always been lonely and never been past the friends zone. I was planning to go out this Friday evening but then I imagined that how I don’t know anything about the game and always running out of things to say. Glad that I found this video. Hopefully I’ll post back again when I score a chick and have sex :) .

  65. john Says:

    man this is good stuff Sinn. Even those examples you showed, I could clearly see you escalating perfectly one step to the next. awesome.

  66. Michael Says:

    Awesome video. Just over 11 min. long and really opened my eyes! Steep one is great and makes so much sense. I have used it at times when not even knowing and those were when I got a girl into bed quicker than the usual timeline. If ever…Thanks

  67. Gui Says:

    Nice stuff…

  68. George Says:

    This stuff is great! I’ve watched this video yesterday and applied what I learned today while talking to 2 girls I used the first 2 steps in this video and almost immediately after that conversation angle changed to more personal – it felt great because usually we talk mostly about surface things!
    Thanks Sinn!

  69. Skip Says:

    I listened/watched two of your videos today. I have been doing it all wrong, and being dyslexic, I’ll do them again so I can follow the directions. I have been married for most of the last thirty years, and I wasn’t that good at this back when. I don’t know about the getting laid by different women regularly, but I would really appreciate the getting laid by my woman. Thank you Sinn

  70. Bill Preston - PUA Forums Says:


    This video is fantastic man.. guys are in for a treat.


  71. Evan Says:

    This guy really know what the fuck he’s talking about. Great info

  72. Tunis Says:

    This video great,practical and very educational-Keep up the good work Sinn and keep it coming.

  73. kevin Says:

    i girls 26 year kevin school girls

  74. B Says:

    Outstanding Info, never been adding sexual content to a convo with a girl, gotta try this out asap.

    thanks alot, keep’em coming.

  75. Glenn Says:

    That chick seems totally cool, even if she resembles that Tila Tequila

  76. justin Says:

    great stuff =)

  77. Laery Says:

    I still wonder if your method can be used to find girlfriends, not just one night stands. I mean that stuff is great, but getting laid is not everything for me

  78. lex Says:

    I love the, “I’m so totally gonna hit on you in the future” comment! I know it is going to absolutely destroy that odd moment wen you do for the first couple of times! Thanks bud!

  79. Javier Says:

    I can’t believe this is free. The book would cost like 500 dollars.

  80. Paul Higgins Says:

    Hey Jon, great stuff, will be very interested in the next video. It would help to have more examples of each step. I have read and watched a lot of pickup material to try to improve, and have improved my confidence and number of approaches, but still not getting laid. Finding it hard to remember and actually apply many of the techniques I have learned, some take balls of steel!

    I noticed quite a number of replies were from older men, and I am 64. we need something that works for us too; those of us in good shape don’t really want to settle for a fat 50 year old! Keep up the good work.


  81. DeLon Says:

    Great stuff Sinn! huge fan already!

  82. xander Says:

    Dude, any way to make this a transcript? I’m deaf, man, and I need to read what you say in the videos, man. Your stuff’s bloody good! I read your first one, the pdf. Bloody good!

  83. Austin Says:

    This is so perfect but i have a question im a black guy with a really cool personality and i just wanted to know will this work if i want a white or hispanic girl becuase i they are much more funn to be with????

  84. Ced Says:

    Seems very applicable to “real” life. Keep that good stuff coming.

  85. Michael Says:

    So what ages of women has this been succesful with? I wonder if this is as successful with divorced women in their 30′s and 40′s. Have been hurt by men and have the typical “issues” that make it more of a challenge to date. Such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, rape, depressed, mental illness, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, etc…

  86. dave Says:

    absolutely awesome my birthday is on tuesday and i am going out to a bar with some friends and i am meeting a girl there i am gonna try this and see how it works

  87. Nick Says:

    Two things.

    First, you look really excited in this video vs. the first one. I’m glad that you were so surprised with all of the comments.

    Second, this is awesome stuff. I somehow happened to accidentally start these “relationship ladders” with a current girl I’m talking to (before seeing this video), who is 11 years older than me. It’s good to see that these techniques work from both and older male-to-younger female AND a younger male-to-older female scenarios.

    Looking forward to the next video!

  88. jimbo Says:

    Bum deal, I am recovering from a head injury and I also was hit by a car 2 different times, so I need a scooter to get around with, and women hate me. I don’t know why because I used to be too busy with dates to finish my school work. please help me out getting younger ladies, Im 51.

  89. Will Says:

    This is the BEST demostration of sexual attraction I have EVER SEEN!! I’ve learned more in this video than any other newsletter or course combined. Very easy to understand and apply. Non threating and very smooth!

    You are the Man!!

    Please keep up the GOOD Work!!

  90. Damean Says:

    I am 34 living in San Diego. I didn’t intend on watching more than 10 seconds of video and I ended up watching it 3 or 4 times in a row and took notes. The girl in the video probably knows the material already but she was still emotionally affected by it as you can see here smiling and blushing. I would love to see some infield footage of this material from hidden cameras to see actual results. I like how you had intimate knowledge of pick up from being a pick up instructor and how you escalated your knowledge to find out what the key ingredients are to successfully getting a girl in the least amount of time as possible. Although I am married to a dancer I like to flirt with girls and would love to see if there is a variation of ingredients on the seduction ladder for use in topples clubs.

  91. Witster Says:

    So I get it. Planting a future seed. Very cool in how you do it and not creepy. I guess the thing I am curious about is that you did not include Kino-ing. It is one thing to talk and another to talk and kino. All in all awesome stuff. I was doing this religiously except I wasn’t cold reading the girl. I was pausing and I would say, If you keep looking at me like that we are going to make out.(credit Ratisse) Thanks again.


  92. Patrick Says:

    Yah Mann that is the deal ,you showed many about lifes ways of proper Manhood ! And Being a Mature Human made in america Type of Species ! Keep it happening and Bring all Of your best up !!!And Out Here Right Now Patrick

  93. badboyjeff Says:

    Great stuff – based in solid theory but relatively simple to put into practice. My game has been kind of in a stall because I lost faith in all the overly complicated, convoluted techniques out there but this looks very, very natural. I can definitely see this working when I try it.

  94. aaron Says:

    it is really good but u should give topics on what to talk about or things that will lead up to it but good work thkx.

  95. Nicolai Says:

    good stuff, deff going to try it

  96. Chris Says:

    What about when and where to touch women during sexual attraction for getting them aroused with the least amount of effort?

  97. Dima Says:

    This stuff is gold, been using it since I learned it off Sinn a while ago.
    It’s the smoothest, most natural way to progress the interaction and build momentum that I’ve ever seen… and since every step builds compliance it only seems to get easier and easier. Mix that compliance with giving the girl an absolutely amazing shoulder massage either just before or just after you first kiss her and escalation becomes so easy it’s not even funny. Now I just need to get better at the approach because with this stuff getting a girl to fuck after you’ve kissed her is pretty damn easy for me.

  98. Jay Says:

    Hey Jon,
    This stuff is dynamite. I have used them all before but accidentally. I can now recognize that yes these things work and how to use them. I think we all underestimate how similar women are and that certain things make them react in a particular way.
    Keep it up man


  99. Robert Says:

    Also any samples on openers? how to start conversation?

  100. Fleezy Says:

    These videos are spot on. I do this kind of stuff all the time and it works and I didn’t realise what it was that I was doing when I was doing it. You have made my hit and miss strategy 100% duplicatable. Pickup is no longer this daunting process of 7 hours.. haha. Thanks for putting this information out, and thanks for helping me to know what I’m doing right so that I can duplicate it over and over again. Also your freind in the video is cute and looks like she’s having a great time. Hopefully she wasn’t prepped because I’ve seen the same responses in the field when I do this type of game. Keep up the good work.

  101. Dan Says:

    Haha, her name is Jade is that like the standard entertainment name for a asian female?

  102. GTI Says:

    hahahah! this is killer! thanks for the share mate. thanks a million!

  103. John Says:

    Dude! The second video was more informative that the first! Awesome!

  104. James Says:

    Yes, establishing ladder is the nomber one step towards providing furure opportunities to be laid.

  105. michael mayhew Says:

    Jon, This vidio is the best piece of info that I have recieved to date.

    I am going to put it to work right now. Thanks for everything

  106. Richard Says:

    Gotta try it out, asap. I think it will give me better results now!

  107. hello Says:

    that’s all very good. but i still feel very awkward about talking like that to a girl, let alone gettingsome conversation going in the first place.

  108. Paul Says:

    This is all going in the right direction….get the sexual side out right upfront and set the stage for the kind of relationship you are framimg. Great stuff sinn

  109. RelaxD Says:

    Hmmm just got home from a short vacation and if I knew this all before I went the girls (kind of literally) would be ‘fucked up’
    Appreciate your effort sinn keep doing your good work.

    (U have to be)RelaxD;)

  110. John Says:

    Solid Vid there Sinn mate.
    Really good advise, will use it in the future and now I think when I’ve done that sorta thing in the past its worked really well.
    Should be fun :)
    Gotta mention “by the way he is asian and she is white” properly made me laugh!

  111. InControl Says:

    Ok, at least something that actually sounds like what naturals say when they are flirting!! Although I still give some value to Mystery Method because I think indirect methods are very useful from time to time in certain social situations. For instance, at a dinner party and the target is sorrounded by cockblockers. There, you need to build some social attraction if you want to isolate her because if you try to build sexual attraction, everybody will cockblock you.

    Does this sound like keyboard-jockey speech or it does make sense?
    Anyway, thank you VERY MUCH for the great ideas.

  112. adam Says:

    amazing stuff man,its simple yet to the point,but I wonder if a language barrier could reduce your chances to get a woman in bed? and by language barrier I dont mean I cant understand anything but more like I dont have their accent, Is there a way to turn that to my advantage?

  113. Joe Says:

    Much more content than the last video- well done; this is more what I have come to expect from you.

  114. mwr Says:

    i have a question john,

    can you provide some routines and dialogue that involve sexually teasing a girl, getting the conversation sexual in a light hearted way, that doesnt come across as creepy. you gave one example on your video, perhaps you can provide more, a may be a template that we can adapt

    great stuff


  115. Carlos Says:

    The video was very helpful and the PDF file added mTore by specifing what was said. Thanks.

  116. Adam Mac Says:

    This is something that’s really going to help my game a lot, I’ve always had that flirty/playful attitude with girls but not until she was comfortable enough around me for me to even try, but this seems like a great way to open her up a little making her more comfortable and at the same time it’s really flirty and sexual. This stuff is gold I’d really like to hear more.

  117. Hunter Says:

    Damn, you are so right. I wish I knew this in advance then maybe I would not have gotten rejected for being too quick! Any ideas how to bounce back after such a rejection?

  118. Peter Bagetakos Says:

    Women want the “bad boy” because he brings out the desires which she has been taught are un-lady-like. [As if so many of them cared about that today!]
    Mr. Sinn shows us how to “release” the woman’s desires by humoring the woman out of such a state of tension.

  119. Matt Says:

    Am i the only person who wants to know if you have banged Jade or not?

  120. LLoyd Says:

    Hey Jon,

    Please show examples of demonstrations of each step of creating sexual attraction.

  121. mike Says:

    Hey Jon,

    Good stuff, honestly I noticed throughout my experience with women that when I am cheeky and hint at naught sexual act they ten to give me more attention in future, despite then being withdrawn initially. I guess in a way it pretty much what you are saying. Hint at the fact that your interesting in them sexually in a discrete manner to there are too surprised later on in the relationship. Making your intension clear, it seems to work. Too back I can’t seem to get it Wright with the women I really like, these seem to over power my emotions a bit and I get sidelined.

  122. mike Says:

    well hopefully after listening to all your videos I will be able to get my act together with women i really like.

  123. Mike Says:


    You’re the man.
    You reminded me of what I used to do, now all I have to do is do it.

    This past Summer was great. Met a great woman (a 9) and we hit it off like a couple of hot teens. Things were going great, we went out to eat, swim,
    danced, played) did it all. It was great, then three (3) weeks in, she invites me to her Mom an Dad’s for a cook out and after that, she wanted to take a break. And, I’m like what? She flaked out on me. She says she’s been only divorced for one (1) year, and was married to her HS Sweet Heart and wanted to experience more. I’ve been div. 5 or 6 so, she’s not ready to have a relationship with me. Were still friends, but, you know what that means, no xxx fun stuff. Want to find a woman to stay with. Your material will help me. Thanks J Sinn for your help.
    Keep up the good work. Happy Hoildays!

  124. George Says:

    Great advice, i’ll give it a shot

  125. James Respess Says:

    Very good and informative.

  126. Hugh Says:

    Dear Jon,

    Great stuff,

    But email me and tell me what to do as I am married and I am not looking for a divorce! Just some sexual fun back in my life.

  127. Prentice L. Smith Says:

    This is some really helpful info. I think I kind of got the idea, but I need to practice the technic and get more comfortable with the intellectual part and the conversation parts. I want to get laid with a woman that’s attracted to my seduction which I think would make a big difference in the quality of the sex. It feels good when she wants you just as bad as you want her . wow ! Awsome.

  128. Evolver Says:

    Nice one Jon. Now, i’m gonna use that but how do i use that technique on a woman i just met? Looking forward to watch your next vid ,bro. Cheers and Happy New Year!

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    It’s great that you’re keeping the pick-up lingo down to bare-bones minimum. I also like how you wrap up the video with a brief recap–well done!

  130. Ironstone Says:

    I liked the idea that you could download a file so you did not have to be distracted while watching the video. I also believe that the woman was really hot, and played along with the seduction. But part of that is that you and she are attracted to each other.

    So there are several steps that are required. One is a four step process, but before the 4 step process of seduction, is a process where you are communicating and getting to know the woman your with.

    Overall, I do not remember the four steps, but having hte written outline will enable me to go back and practice and joke with several different women.

  131. justdo.1010 Says:

    I can see why so many women would get piss with me, because I nature act like this with women. Because I’m getting sex with 2 different women per week, it was not a problem for me. However, women that I had played with, just for fun they would get so Grrrrrrr with me, when I left a pub or party without them. Some women would get so mad because I didn’t take them home. Now I can understand why! Thanks for the video.

  132. step Says:

    Wow this is something i never heard before, i’m totally gonna try it next time i can, my question is how can i start my physical interaction with a woman in a non threatening and fun way.

  133. step Says:

    another question, can this be applied to a women if she has been talking to you in a nice guy way a few days before? i want to know if i still have a chance with a woman like the one i described above.

  134. NIGEL Says:

    Thank you for the video.It is interesting.I am looking to learn more.

  135. Geramie Says:

    Great video got a few great nuggets of info!

  136. Jay Says:

    @ justdo1010, Are you saying that because you do all this stuff naturally (getting them to “anticipate” more/sex/fun with you) that they expected you to take them home and got mad when you DIDN’T?

    Also, where can I get a link to the first vid?

  137. Jerry Says:

    I see Jon created New style of Pick up with concrete skill sets.It’s not free style or just be natural.Those are non-one can’t follow just for that guy.
    Yeah,I am an Asian guy like the guy you mentioned.

    This time you showed demonstration in controlled situation.That’s what I wanted to see.Natural seduction had full of great information but if some people felt it’s too advance for me.This is something after learned conventional skills because We did not see demonstration like today’s video.
    If you shows demo and how to do it.nobody says “SINN is great guru but he hides his techniques”.I read this kind of opinion on some BBS and some people says “Oh,SINN is just for advanced people”.

    Now people start to think how much this program is.I hope it’s affordable to me.

    Thank you,Jon.

  138. Frank Says:

    This is sweet, it gives answers to the missing link in my game!

  139. lisjani Says:

    girls would be so bitchy, if we dont know how to handle them, and how to talk to them, and Derek was right for that. R different types of womens, “bitches and shy girls”. And l think that the bitches kind, r easer to tease. Cause u can be more dirty-mouth-man, and they’ll like this, and for us its simple thing.
    Sinn, teasing and body language r powerful things.

    nice video…

  140. Leon Says:

    That’s ill and makes sense too
    and the best thing is it’s completely
    honest and up front without being too
    full on or forcefull

  141. Leon Says:

    For Rick the guy above who doesn’t go out or drink go to Art galleries
    , chick flicks, or female sports events soccer,hockey whatever

  142. Jrock Says:

    Hey, great stuff, man! Keep it comin, dude. First off, I am confident around women. I have no trouble talking to women. The problem is, it is so damn hard finding things to talk about to maintain her interest and to build attraction. Man, your above video makes it look so easy. I don’t have a problem with being honest and upfront about my intentions with a woman, It’s just that after the experience, it leaves my ears ringing loudly and the side of my face stinging from the slap I would recieved from the lovely young woman. Hmmm,…maybe she was initiating kinky foreplay, Lol. Hey, man, I am all for that! Lol. Anyway, jokes aside, I’m sure you get my point. Got any advice SINN?

  143. Steve Start Says:

    How to I go back and see the first video?

  144. Joe R Magdos Says:

    Thanks, this sure cuts through all the bullsh-t I wil try thid out tonight and see how it works,from the old guy, (64yrs)I have just recently became a widower so I need all the help and updates I can get.Thanks again!

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    Hey Jo, I was watching the first video last night and I didn’t have enough time to finish it. Is there a place I can go to see the first video again?

  146. David Says:

    Jon – You rock, man! A clear and practical method to create that elusive attraction and escalate within a comfortable conversation. And I wanted to compliment you on respecting your audience enough to have some of the clearest audio in your videos AND being intelligent enough to provide a pdf transcript for those of us who have hearing problems and/or prefer to read and underline and memorize your savvy words. Very cool.

    I’m new to your fandom, but a devoted convert now. Almost 62 now, but in shape and tired of the one hour interview first meetings that tend not to generate chemistry that the best babes need to want a second meeting – and the first real date.

  147. mike Says:

    cool, soi’s with style and progression. will be using these soon.

  148. Marathonman Says:

    How clever! Why didn’t I think of this?

  149. Mike Says:

    Thanks Jon i am truly startin to understand what i have been doin wrong!where do i go to see the 1st video again?

  150. Chris Says:

    Love the pic of Miranda at the top of the page. Like what you’re putting out.

  151. david Says:

    Man, this is cool.. We’re talking just about the idea of telling the girl your purposes without sounding like a creep.. Can’t wait to see next video

  152. Leonard Says:

    Good info, makes a lot of sense.

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    wow….this makes alot of sence…my problem as of late has been escalation and iv been getting stuck in the “friend zone” a little too much for my liking…i cant wait to go out n try this stuff i got a feeling its guna work a treat!!!!

  154. Ed Says:

    That chick is hot

  155. TJ Says:

    Is it really this easy? This is great stuff, man!

  156. mojo Says:

    interesting, I will have to try it out in the field before leaving any real comments though….. I will keep you posted…. ;)

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  158. Ryan Says:

    Love this it is great, i just hope it wont cost for video number four or something. otherwise i love where this is going and you are a verry good teacher dude you dont seam like an ass. sometime that is forgoten in the pick up comunity. im a very nice guy and i get on fine.

  159. Seraf Says:

    What do you say after you make the non-sequitor tease such as, “…although I’m just trying to get into your pants. God, too bad you’re such a dork.”

    Do you wait for her to say something? Dead silence? You change the subject?


  160. Dino Says:

    Man, this is what I’ve been searching for, how to tell a girl I AM sexually interested without being a needy wussbag and it sounding totally cool and normal.I have other questions though, I see you touch her on the arm just as you say you’re totally trying to get in her pants, how does body language work into all that?I wanna know how to turn a girl on so much that SHE can’t take it anymore and wants to do me using the sexual talk and touching?

  161. Paul Says:

    Not bad at all. Even if you get a girl who wants to argue with everything, keeping it in the vague future tense you say it’s just matter of time.
    It also gives her a sense that you’re committing to her.

  162. Doc Says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.
    Could it be possible for you to upload a video on ‘How to build Sexual tension’.

  163. Superman Says:

    I’m curious how this can work when you’re recovering with an LJBF situation. Seems like the door wasn’t closed but would assuming the sale after you’ve been denied once come across wrong? Also when there’s already a friendship and comfort there would you change anything to account for that? I already have the first step of the ladder down. She’s agreed to travel to every part of the world with me lol. Until now I haven’t gotten much further than that but I haven’t used this technique to build it either. Just need to know should I use the technique as is or change it or not even try in this situation? I will definitely use this on all other situations though so thanks for that!

  164. DAVID Says:

    It’s excellent stuff. The only concern I see is for the guys who have approach anxiety. They have to overcome that first before they can apply these methods.

  165. barnaby Says:

    Nice. Easy. “When we have sex..” line is great…

    I’d forgotten I’d used it once with a girl in Rome. I lay down on a really narrow bed and I said that it wasn’t very comfortable for two people. Then I said, “Here, see what I mean?”(she lay down for a second)

    “Now pretend we’ve just made love (I was stroking her hair at this point) and we’re trying to snuggle up and sleep.”

    What happened next? Duh! We had sex.

    Keep this stuff coming, man..

  166. Aster Says:

    hey , excellent vdo sin.
    in my case i already like a girl but she has ha boyfriend,v’ll be meeting on valentines day ,but i don’t know how to drag her bf away and talk to her openly and tell her to let him loose…
    i know it’s short short but i already cleared my intension to her level he next(indirect way) so i just need a take it to the next level,Help me man!!

    tnks in advance…

  167. reybourne Says:

    an important tool to spice up even married life :)

  168. Mike Says:

    Hey Sinn,

    Nice work. Yes, Tried this and it works, I’m already in a relationship, and, want to keep her in it. Any additional advise would be greatly ap-preciated.



  169. Bob Says:

    Very sound advise. I can’t wait for the rest of the videos.

  170. mat kopele Says:

    awesome. nothing more to say.

  171. Shawn Says:

    Really loved the video. Full of good information that you can actually use. Remember guys that even if this doesnt work, every chance you get to talk to a woman is just more practice. Dont take it to heart and you will find that you are getting better and better.

  172. Jerry Says:

    Are there any way to control conversation?I am non-native speaker and always controlled conversation by women.I know Leading is important but I feel like manipulated by women all the time.Even when I was in relationship,I felt like controlled by her and pissed off myself inside all the time.

    Some women try to find easy man who can easily control.I would like to know screening skill away from this kind of women.I know I need to learn leading conversation but as an non-native speaker it’s bit challenging.

  173. Keenan Says:

    You are the only PA who understands how to make an educational commentary filled with information.

  174. Mr.F'in Nice Guy Says:

    These videos crack me up. But dammit they work, Cha-Ching!

  175. Chryzalis Says:

    I liked the first video, very pragmatic and straighforward, i like this one too, but it feels like there’s a bit that makes me doubting:
    i agree with the statement thing, build tension and commitment, without putting too much pressure, allows to build compliance too, but the fact of “letting her the decision” is counter intuitive here.
    Indeed, they have to be able to decide for themselves in the end in any case,
    but they mostly don’t want the responsibility and want to feel like it “just happened”. So how do you make these two things fit together?
    Thanks anyway for you insight.

  176. Jason Says:

    Somehow I’m able to sexually attract girls who are in relationships. Looking back on what i did to make them want me, I would commonly joke about sex and it would never be awkward. This makes a lot of sense to me now and even though I’m only 18 I feel ahead of the game. One thing that always displays your attraction in a funny way: Stare at the girls chest, as she acknowledges smoothly look up and say, “you have the nicest eyes i’ve ever seen.

    Great info keep it coming.

  177. Roland Says:

    Good stuff..i like the idea how its bold but not too forward at the same time

  178. Sean Says:

    Now that you mention it, I think I’ve used this before a long time ago but I didn’t know what I was doing or what it was doing. Gotta try it out again. :)

  179. James Says:

    really good stuff. It presents useful ways to gradually move toward intimacy.

  180. Mario Says:

    Brilliant!!! Just simply brilliant John. I love the approach and the way you can say what you need to say without being rude or offensive, which actually gets THEM thinking about the whole idea of having sex with you. I was always afraid of coming off as just being rude and like a sexual deviant. But the way you dealt with the issue, makes it clear and concise as how you can approach the situation and still feel confident that she can and will still become sexually attracted to you. I can’t wait to see the next video. See you then..

  181. Charles Says:

    Thats excellent Ima try that approach my main qustion is if shes a virgin and your not will it still have the effect?

  182. joe d Says:

    Will these techniques work on women that are not physically attracted to you?

  183. Jerry Says:

    This is must program and I think one of the best.You don not have to wait DVDs are coming to your door.You can access products immediately!

    This Video presentation is wonderful.Well,structured program.You need to follow Jon’s instruction if you want to make the most of it.Week by week lesson and get out your room weekend Friday and Saturday!

    Demonstration part is amazing.When he talked to women,Jon’s face change.I can tell this is game face and even Demonstration video,I can tell that.

  184. Ttom Says:

    I can feel my balls growing bigger. Great stuff!

  185. Terry Says:

    I have been doing all the things that you showed in this video, but she has kids who come first, and they have been sick. I showed understanding and patents, but I am keeping the sexual tention high at the same time.

  186. hydrogen generator Says:

    I like idea behind your post. I want to read more from you. Your thought process is unique and effective.

  187. Peri Says:

    I like your works. Just keep feeding us. Thanks

  188. Ed Says:

    Great psychology. Dead on stuff.

  189. jonathan Says:

    I have seen other pua vids and read lots of material on how to create attraction and lost of them want to take u on a lenghty trip on how to do the whole thing. I think your vids jon and the way u are teaching is by far the best i have seen. Keep up the great work I know Im looking forward to more of your videos.

  190. vin Says:

    Thats weird, I have done this to a girl without realizing that I was doing it. Now I think of it, it really worked!
    Great Stuff!

  191. Marko Zavodjenje Says:

    I like idea behind your technique. Very interesting watch. Thank you for share.

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