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Get Laid Tonight– 5 Physical Contact Openers To Get Things Started

If you want to get laid tonight, you’ve got to break the ice first.  The first step is the opener, which basically means saying “hi.”  But why not make it physical and get the contact going?  Here are some 5 great physical contact openers that produce results.

Poke And Smile

Here’s a simple one but it’s risky.  Poke a girl in the stomach as she’s walking by and then smile at her.  This is guaranteed to get a reaction.  Of course, it might be her saying, “What the hell are you doing?”  But when it works, it really works.  Follow it up by telling her, “I poke people, that’s my thing.  You can poke back if you want!”  And offer her your belly.  Just be careful and make sure your aim is good.  If it’s too low, you might be in serious trouble.

High Fives

High fives are excellent.  Tell her she’s cute and make that a reason to give her a high five.  Anything else works too, like telling her that she’s adorable, she’s tall, she’s wearing something cool, or anything at all else.  You just put your hand up in the ready position and make eye contact.  And this is also a great way to get some communication back from her.  If she hooks her hand or fingers around yours, this is a sign that you’re going to get laid tonight.

Just A Tap

You probably remember this from when you were a kid.  You tap her on one shoulder and then move to the other side, tap there and move back, and so on.  Only this time, you’ve got a goofy look on your face and it’s obvious what you’re doing.  This can be really funny.

The Wave

Just wave to a girl from across the bar.  If she waves back, you can go over and talk to her.  If she doesn’t, you can walk up to her and say, “What the hell!  I waved at you!”  This can be an opener too.


Another classic one is to wave her over.  A lot of the time, she’ll reply by waiving you over.  The key is to make eye contact first.  If she reacts, you’ve got a warm opener already in place.  Next, the thing is to get a conversation going.

These openers are just the first step if you want to get laid tonight.  They should break the ice and establish some social comfort between you.  After that, all you’ve got to do is make the moves.

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