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How To Approach Women – Vary Your Opener

If you want to know how to approach women, it’s called making your “opener.”  This is the most important part of the whole process because it’s the very beginning; it sets the stage for all that’s going to come afterwards.  For most guys, this takes some study and practice.  It’s just a way to break the ice, but it should be natural.

When you’re doing your approach, have a few openers that you like using and not just one.  For the first few weeks when you’re just getting started with openers, pick one and stick with it.  It’s one less thing to think about while you perfect your natural style.  The whole point at the beginning is to just get used to it.  Once you’ve been doing it a while, start varying your openers so you don’t get bored with them.

How Many Openers Should You Have?

It’s best to have between 3 and 5 routines for approaching women.  These might be things that are physical, things that strike you as funny at that moment, or any other way to break the ice.

Once you’ve got a few different ones going, split them into categories.  This is useful because you’ll start to see how some work better than others.  You’re going to turn this into a scientific field of study – see which ones create a response from girls.  Stick to the ones that work, and ditch the ones that don’t.  You can add new ones to your repertoire from time to time.

The Goal Of Openers

Always keep the goal of opening in mind.  The goal is to get a conversation going and create social comfort.  When it comes to how to approach women, it’s all about social comfort and social skills.  You’ll see this with guys that are naturally good with women; they may not know a thing about pick up methods, but it just works for them every time.  This is the social comfort factor working.

Because it’s all about social comfort, an opener may not have anything to do with attraction.  You might give your opinion of something, or say, “Hey, have you guys seen the fight outside?”  How does that build attraction?  It doesn’t, but it creates social comfort, and that is the starting point for everything that comes afterwards.

When it comes to how to approach women, think of your opener as the way to get things started.  It’s meant to create social comfort and just get the ball rolling.  Start with one that you like and use it until you start to get the feel for it; then switch it up.

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