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How To Approach Women – Get Over Your Opening Anxiety

When it comes to how to approach women, the opening is both the most and least important step in the process.  It’s the most important part because without an opening, you have no picking up whatsoever.  The opening is where you approach a group of strangers and get it all started.

So, why is it the least important?  Because most often, girls won’t remember it 10 minutes later.  It’s just how you break the ice and nothing more.  You’re trying to start a conversation and that’s all.  What this means is that it needs to be simple and effective.

Overcoming Opening Anxiety

You don’t need any excuse to walk up to a girl and say “hi.”  If you’re afraid of that, then that’s the first barrier that you’ve got to overcome.  You might be worried that she’s going to reject you or be mean, but all of this has to be dealt with before you can make a successful opening.

Here is what you do.  Go to a crowded place in your city, like a mall.  Go wherever there are lots of people.  Walk around and, whenever you see an attractive girl, give her a little eye contact and say “hi.”  You’ll feel stupid at first and you’ll probably have a bit of anxiety.  But after a while, the magic starts working and you’ll no longer be afraid to do it.

Work On Your Social Skills

Another thing that helps is to work on your overall social skills.  Even when you’re not in the presence of hotties you’d like to know better, try becoming a better conversationalist.  All this means is that you say whatever’s on you mind at any time without fear.  Start making observations or sharing your opinion with anybody.

You can practice this anywhere and it doesn’t have to be with girls.  Just try going to a bar somewhere and smoothly fitting into conversations.  When you give your overall social skills a boost, this will really help with your opener.

Remember that the opener is just the icebreaker.  It doesn’t have to be anything earth-shattering, and it’s not something that she’ll remember.  But the key to a successful opening is to be cool, relaxed and natural with it.  These are two techniques that you can use to practice making your opening, and this is essential in how to approach women.  Once you’ve conquered this anxiety, everything will be much easier.

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