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How To Attract Women – 4 Great Opinion Openers

When it comes to how to attract women, there is nothing better than an opinion opener.  These are openers where you approach a girl or group of girls, and ask their opinion on something.  You reply by teasing them about their answer, and then move it along to the next phase of the conversation.  Here are 4 that work really well in any situation.

Phone Break-Ups

“Hey, what do you think is the right way to get off the phone with a girl that you’re kind of dating?”  The reason this one works is that it shows them you’re already seeing somebody.  It also shows that you’re not into exclusive dating.  Once they answer, you can turn this into a story about how this girl got mad at you because she said you got off the phone badly.  See if they’ll agree with you that she’s crazy.

Drunk I Love Yous

“Hey guys, do you think that drunk I love yous really count?”  When she gives you an answer, make a joke about it to tease her, and then launch into your story.  Tell them about how your friend told his girlfriend last night that he loved her but he was drunk and she freaked out about it.  Be sure to use a name when you mention your friend; otherwise, they’ll think it’s you.

The Set Up

“Hey guys, how do you tell a girl in a nice way that you’re not really interested in her?”  This is a good one to use when you’re all alone because it explains why you’re alone.  Again, tease them about their answer, and then give them a story about how your friends are trying to set you up with a girl tonight but you’re not really interested.  After all, you’re a sensitive guy everyone wants to be with and you don’t want to hurt the poor girl’s feelings!

80’s Songs

“Hey guys, do you know who did that song ‘Died In Your Arms Tonight?’”  They’ll start talking about it and after a while you can say that it doesn’t matter.  The song is by Cutting Crew, but you and your friend had a bet.  Would they mind telling your friend so you can get that free drink?   Point out your friend or any random group of people, and then tell them that you should wait a while because you don’t want it to seem like you just faked them out.  Then, ask them where they’re from or something like that and take it from there.  One of the great things about this one is that it creates a conspiracy between you and them.  You’re together in this!

These are just a few easy ways on how to attract women with your opener.  They show that you’re cool, attractive to women, confident and comfortable.  Once you’ve got your opener established, take it from there.

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