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How To Flirt – The Proper Body Language For A Successful Opening

When it comes to how to flirt, we never realize how much of it is done with your body and not your mouth.  In this article I’m going to explain the proper way to handle your body language when you’re making your opening, approaching a girl for the first time to start talking.

First of all, there is no such thing as perfect body language.  What you can do is just strive to have good body language that’s going to be relaxed and controlled.  Keep everything moving slowly and not fast and jerky.  Take up the space around you naturally but don’t force it like you’re trying to butt in.

Lengthening and straightening is important.  Each part of your body should be lengthened completely and straight.  You should have your shoulders back and your arms should be swinging naturally at your sides.  Don’t have any tension in your shoulders.  Hold your head up straight and don’t bend your neck forward.

As far as your weight goes, lean back and let it be evenly distributed.  If you don’t have your feet a shoulder’s width apart, it’s going to be really easy to lose your balance if somebody bumps into you.  If you’re in the club where it’s crowded and you’re chatting up a hot girl, the last thing you want is for some dude to brush against you and knock you over.  It makes it look like you’re trying too hard to stay and talk to the girl.

Another thing to avoid is shifting your weight from foot to foot.  This is like the “I gotta pee” dance and it makes you look nervous.  When it comes to how to flirt, looking nervous is a killer.

You should also avoid moving your hands too much.  It can be cool to emphasize your points with hand movements when you’re talking, but it should all be natural and smooth, not nervous.  Basically, you don’t want your body language to get in the way of what you’re saying verbally; it should all be smooth and subtle because it works on a subliminal level.

Remember that your opening is all about making social comfort.  You want her to feel like you’re a relaxed, natural and comfortable guy, not some twitchy weirdo.  Work body language into your opening routine and you’ll see major improvements in learning how to flirt quickly

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