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How To Get A Girlfriend– Deal With Your Insecurities

Everybody has insecurities.  When we learn techniques on how to get a girlfriend, we’ve got to go the very source of things; beyond just what to say and how to act, you’ve got to get to the bottom of who you are and what’s stopping you from getting her.  Recognizing and dealing with your insecurities is an essential step.

Name Your Insecurities

Even the most successful celebrities have insecurities.  Guys you see walking around with hot girls on their arm have them too.  Nobody is free completely from insecurities.  Instead of overcompensating for them with messed-up behavior, you’ve got to deal with them upfront.  Overcompensating usually results in arrogance and most people can see through it.

One way to recognize your insecurities is to name them.  By giving them a name, you take away their power.  These things control us because we grant them too much, and the reason that we do that is that we think they keep us from being good people.  It’s a shame thing and it shouldn’t be because there are millions of people who have the same ones as you.

The Curse Of Perfection

Our society tells us that we have to be perfect, but nobody is.  In order to be perfect, you just have to accept yourself, and this means accepting your imperfections.  Instead of focusing on these, focus on your strengths.  Look at all the things you like about yourself.  Once you’ve got a list of these, think about the things you don’t like about yourself.

Of course you’re going to work on these things and try to change them.  But for now, you’re just going to accept them.  It also helps when you look around at the people around, especially ones who you consider successful, and realize that they have imperfections too.  Like you, they may be working on these things to make some improvements.  But acceptance is where true confidence comes from.

The way to deal with insecurities isn’t to repress them and let them control you, but rather to get them out in the open.  Name and recognize them, and don’t feel ashamed of them.  Nobody’s perfect and everybody’s working on it.  If you’re having trouble working out the logistics of how to get a girlfriend, there’s a good chance that the problem isn’t something external; it may be just a few things that you have to deal with first, and then the rest will come together.

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