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How To Seduce Women by Unleashing their Sexual Side

I’m Jon Sinn and today I’m going to tell you how to seduce women by unleashing their sexual sides.

Let’s start off by thinking about what a woman’s sexual side is.

So every guy who is reading this has had an experience with a woman that was sexual, unless you’re a virgin, in which case you’ve just kissed a girl or done other things, but you’ve had an experience with a side of that woman personality that she doesn’t let everyone see. Female sexuality is all about that part of her personality that she brings out behind closed doors. That she brings out when we’ve passed the point of attraction, and we’ve passed the point of comfort, and she now wants to have sex. That primitive part of her brain has kicked in that says I want to have sex right now.

One thing to remember is that all women have a sexual side. Ad if you want to get better at learning how to seduce women you must learn to bring out their sexual sides.

A lot of guys write me emails, or they meet me on workshops, whatever, and they say, well I don’t like club girls, or I don’t like party girls or I don’t like this type of girl or that type of girl. And the girls that I like, they don’t really have a sexual side, they’re like more demure, and like they’re more elegant….

And I think you’re ridiculous.

Every woman has a sexual side. Now what we need to think about is what stops her from showing this sexual side off—right. We have to accept the basic idea that women want sex basically as much as men. Women are just as sexual, in fact their sex drive increases as they get older, peaking around 32, whereas men decrease from 18.

There are 3 tools for bringing out a woman’s sexual side they are:

Number one cold reads. Cold reads are amazing for shaping a woman’s sexual side because they allow you to get her to accept various self-images through your intuition. Because you present any sort of evidence or even just no evidence but you are able to ground yourself as a person who is good at reading people, or you’re able to ground her as someone who reminds you of a friend who was like this or that. Anything that you can do to empower these cold reads to make her accept them with real evidence is going to make them better.

The second tool is sexual qualifiers. With sexual qualifiers, we’re going to use the qualification process, we’re going to use the compliance ladder process that we’ve been working on, and we’re going to use that to sexualize our qualifiers and get the girls complying to sexual things.

And the third tool is, sex talk. And sex talk, to me, is the combination of being able to talk about sex in the normal subject and talk about sex in a way that’s arousing, using dirty talk or whatever else.

Hands down the best way to learn how to seduce women, is by unleashing a girl’s sexual side.

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