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How To Seduce Women– The Importance Of Confidence

If you really want to know how to seduce women, it all comes down to confidence.  To be successful at the pick up game, you’ve really got to be sure of yourself.  Everything you say or do is going to show the girl that you’re got self-confidence or that you don’t.

There are a couple of reasons why this is so important.  First of all, it’s confidence that gets you to make decisions and act on them.  One of the main reasons people get stuck somewhere and can’t move it to the next level is that they’re afraid.  Everything scares them – failure, success and everything in between.  You can’t have fear and confidence at the same time.

Success Is Learned

When you look at people who are successful in any field, whether it’s business, music or art, you’ll see that they’re all confident about what they do.  It’s a kind of loop – success breeds confidence, which breeds more success, and so on.

But one of the biggest misconceptions is that some people simply have it and others don’t.  When you look at these successful people it’s hard to imagine, but at one time they probably weren’t so confident.  They built it up over the years by conquering the fear that nags all of us naturally.

Confidence basically guarantees success at whatever you do, whether it’s seducing women or writing the Great American Novel.  But there are some widely-held misconceptions out there.  The first of these is that people often mix confidence with competence.  These are two entirely different qualities; someone who is confident may not necessarily be competent, and a competent person may not be entirely confident.  But it’s the confident person who is aimed for success.

The Key To Building Confidence

Anyone can build confidence.  The secret is to have core beliefs about yourself.  Whether you get the girl or not, it doesn’t affect how you feel about yourself.  It’s a kind of “take it or leave it” attitude and it works.  No matter what happens you’re going to be able to deal with it.

The other key is to keep your motivation and desire to survive stronger than your fear.  Once you try something, even if you fail, you see that you’ve passed through it unscathed.  This instills even more confidence.  So, another way to build it is to keep trying, knowing that you’ll survive no matter what happens.

You can easily apply this to how to seduce women.  Whether she says yes or no, you’ll be fine.  Remember that the super-confident guys who are picking up girls left and right were once nervous, bumbling and clumsy.  It’s something you can work on.

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