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5 Pick Up Lines That Really Work

When it comes to approaching women, direct openers are the best kind of pick up lines.  Your opener is how you break the ice and establish social comfort.  The best way to do this is to approach her directly.  Here are 5 direct opener pick up lines that really work.

The Introduction Opener

This is a great one to use in the daytime or in situations where it’s not really a pick up scene.  You just walk up to a girl and say, “Hey, I know this is really random but just saw you from across the way and I knew that if I didn’t come over right now and say hello to you, you’d slip away and I’d be kicking myself all day for not doing it.  I’m…”  The “really random” part is all important because you’re saying what she’s thinking.  It’s a way to grab her attention and take her by surprise.

The Are You Shy Opener

This one is better for a club or bar, although it can be used anywhere.  You just walk up and say, “Hey, are you shy?  I’ve been standing here for a few minutes and you haven’t bought me a drink, grabbed my behind, asked me what my sign is or anything.  What gives?”  One reason it works is that it’s funny.  You’re “meta” flirting with her by making a joke out of it – but it’s real flirting!  Humor always works well.

The Facebook Opener

Here’s a new one for people who are young and internet-savvy.  Walk up to a girl and say, “Hey, you looked interesting so I wanted to come over here and talk to you.  Consider this like a real-life Facebook request.  Do you want to be my friend?”  Again, this one’s funny and most girls don’t expect it.  It’s even kind of cute, and girls like that.

The I’m Bored Opener

This is a classic that always works.  Walk up to a girl or group of girls and say, “Hey guys!  I hope you don’t mind me coming over but my friends are over there boring the crap out of me talking about their stupid IT jobs.  I need a break or I’m going to slit my wrists!”  It’s longer and more involved than the other pick up lines, but it shows that you’re an interesting person who wants to hang out with other interesting people.

The You Are Opener

Just walk up and say, “Hey, you guys look cool.  Are you friendly?”  Call her cool, friendly or anything else.  The idea is that you’re telling her how she is and she’ll want to validate it by being that way.  Call her friendly and she’ll want to be friendly.

These are pick up lines that really work, not like the old lame stuff you hear all the time.  These are the ones that PU pros use, so give them a shot the next time you’re out.

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