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Pick Up Lines – The Opinion Opener

When it comes to pick up lines, nothing works quite like the “opinion opener.”  This is the technique that everybody in the pick up community is talking about.  They’re low risk and they don’t affect your closing percentage at all.  In other words, these are great openers because they have no effect on what comes later.  They’re neutral; all they do is establish social comfort and break the ice.

The opinion opener starts with a hook question.  Start with something bold.  Don’t say, “Sorry to bother you,” but instead make your approach like you’re already friends –“What’s up guys, would you settle something between me and my friends?”

The idea is to open with a question in a way that seems like you’re leading to something.  Remember that girls usually don’t remember the opener ten minutes later.  Your opinion opener gets them started talking, and then you steer it away from the original topic.

For example, ask them, “How long does it take you to get ready before you go out?”  They’ll start discussing it and giving you answers thinking that it’s going to lead to something.  Then, you tease them about whatever answer they gave.  With women this isn’t a problem since most of them take a long time to get ready.  If they tell you it doesn’t take them any time at all, you can hit them with, “Oh come on now, be honest!”

Once the opening is made, steer the conversation somewhere else.  You’re not going to sit and talk about how long it takes to get ready.  Instead, you’ve just broken the ice and now you’re going to lead it somewhere else.

Once you’ve teased them about their answer, now you give them the reason for the question.  Tonight you were going to meet your buddy Anthony and he was 3 hours late.  3 hours late!  He shows up late wearing a Fubu sweatshirt and a baseball cap – how long does that take?

Now, you’ve already chatted for several minutes about some light stuff, had some clowning around and everybody’s comfortable.  At this point, the conversation can lead naturally to other things.

This is a perfect opening because it just breaks the ice and builds social comfort.  It doesn’t have to lead anywhere; the whole point is just to get it started.  This works much better than pick up lines that are really obvious.  Give this one a try the next time you’re out.

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