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Seduce Beautiful Women– 2 Methods To Improve Confidence

To seduce beautiful women, you need to have self-confidence.  Not only does confidence help you get the girl, it also makes you naturally more attractive to women.  There are lots of ways to increase your confidence, and we’re going to look at two of them.

The Secret Of Charity

One way to boost your confidence is to give value first.  People who lack confidence are always trying to take.  They’re trying to see what they can get from others.  People who are successful give something first knowing that they will get some value out of this giving eventually.  It could be a polite move like holding the door open or something as simple as a compliment, but no matter what it is, it will make you feel better about yourself.

Most people do acts of charity for themselves and this is where they fail.  The whole point is to give for no other reason than just to give.  Don’t expect something in return or you’re just a taker in disguise.  If you’re new at this, volunteer at the pound or do something else that’s nothing more than charity.  You’ll feel the confidence boost immediately.

Be Prepared Or Be Surprised

Another great way to boost your confidence is to be prepared for whatever situation you’re entering.  It’s tough to feel confident when you have no plan.  If you’re just flying by the seat of your pants, it’s going to be tough to appear confident.  Imagine when you’ve got a presentation to do at work.  Do you want to wing it?  No, you’ve got notes prepared and you’ve run through the routine a few times.  It’s exactly the same with any kind of social situation.  When you’re well-prepared, your confidence shows.

A lot of the anxiety or stress that we feel comes from being unprepared.  Procrastination is also a big factor in that.  One way to better prepare yourself is to focus on the eventual goal you’re aiming for.  It might be to get her to your place that night, to get a date with her or just practicing your skills, but you need a goal in mind.

Charity and being prepared will help you seduce beautiful women by appearing more confident, but they’ll help in other areas as well.  Being more confident offers benefits for every aspect of your life, like your personal relationships and career life.  Remember most of all that confidence is not something you either have or don’t have; with a bit of practice you can nurture your inner Confident Guy.

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