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Tips On Getting Laid –Your Body Language Tells Her Everything

Of all the tips on getting laid that you see, you rarely see the simplest tip of all – Control your body language.  You can learn all the pick up lines and strategies that you want, but if your body language tells her that you’re a loser, you’re going home alone tonight.


If you’re twitching or moving around too much, this is going to be a turn-off.  You may not be nervous at all; maybe you’ve just too much energy and you can’t hold it in.  Either way, moving too much makes you look frantic, and this tells her that you lack confidence.  Confidence is the one factor that’s going to make all the difference.


Posture tells a lot about your level of confidence.  You should always be standing up straight with your chest high.  You should smile too.  When you carry yourself this way with a big grin on your face, it actually has the effect of instilling more confidence in you.  It’s like a feedback loop.

Here’s a little experiment to show you how this works.  As you’re reading, let your shoulders slump forward, bring your head downwards and make your breathing quick and shallow.  When you assume this posture, you’ll start to feel nervous.  You can actually really freak yourself out doing this.

Now, change that position back to sitting upright straight and smiling.  You should be able to feel the difference immediately.


You should speak in a slow, clear voice.  This shows confidence.  If you talk to fast, it shows that you’re not sure anyone’s going to listen to you, like you’re trying to get it all out before they turn away.  If you mumble, it looks like you’re afraid of being heard.

Speak slow, loud and clear, and again you’ll feel that confidence welling up inside you.  You should also make eye contact with the people you’re talking to.  If you stare at your feet, this makes you look insecure.  All of this just takes practice before it turns into a solid habit, and then you don’t have to think about it anymore.

When talking about tips on getting laid, few people pay the necessary attention to these little details.  But even if you don’t notice these things, she will.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your posture, energy level and speaking make you look cool, relaxed and confident.

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